Forensic ,L18,19, Asphyxia

L18 , 19,Asphyxia , Forensic 

Lecture video 

Part 1

00:00  ...  definition of asphyxia
1:15        ..  types of asphyxia
3:05 .... Classification of asphyxia
6:59 ...  Manner of death from asphyxia
11:27  ...  Classical signs of asphyxia
12:52  ...  External signs
18:57 ..  internal signs

26:26  Subtypes of asphyxia
28:52  suffocation
30:26  types of suffocation... environmental
39:28  smothering
49:52  gagging
53:22   choking
01:02:32  café coronary

Part 2 

00:00  trumatic asphyxia
9:30  positional asphyxia
19:55  overlying
23:30  Burking 
30:47  Fatal Pressure on Neck 

Part 3

00:00  continuation of Fatal Pressure on Neck
6:47   Hanging
23:00  mechanism of death from Hanging
34:46  postmortem change of hanging

Part 4

00:00  continuation of postmortem hanging
11:40 local findings
16:40 internal findings 

Part 5

1:48  strangulation
2:17   subtypes of strangulation
2:28  ligature strangulation
10:00  mechanism of death of ligature strangulation
16:44  postmortem change of ligature strangulation
22:25 Mannual  strangulation
25:38  postmortem change of manual strangulation

Part 6

00:00   continuation of strangulation local signs
3:20   mannual strangulation
4:00  internal signs of throttling
7:15   questions لحد اخر التسجيل


1-The followings are correct for occurrence of edema of the face, except

a) obstruction of venous return of blood to the heart.

b) increasing of venous pressure.

c) accumulation of reduced blood.

d) transudation of fluid from the veins.

2-Mechanisms of Tardieu spots include the followings, except

a) mechanical obstruction to the venous return of blood.

b) increasing of capillary pressure to bursting point.

c) decreasing of capillary permeability encourages the escape of blood into the tissue spaces.

d) increasing of capillary fragility due to anoxia.

3-The followings are true for cyanosis of asphyxia, except

a) it results from accumulation of reduced Hb.

b) it becomes very pronounced where congestion is most intense.

c) it is the red color of skin of the face due to venous congestion.

d) its lower level may indicate the site of pressure in traumatic asphyxia.

4--Death from choking is due to the followings, except

a) reflex cardiac inhibition. 

b) respiratory center depression.

c) complete obstruction of respiratory passages.

d) partial obstruction which is completed by laryngeal spam

5-- Café coronary is the followings, except

a) a rapid silent death of healthy person.

b) a type of choking by a bolus of food.

c) a type of mechanical asphyxia.

d) due to complete obstruction of the airway from the larynx downwards.

6- Postmortem external signs of smothering are present

a) when obstruction is by soft material.

b) in accidental infanticide by mother's breast during breast feeding.

c) when obstruction is by both hands.

d) in children during playing with plastic bag.

7-Strangulation is the followings, except

a) it is caused by application of a ligature to the neck.

b) the force acting upon the neck is exerted by the ligature.

c) weight of the victim's body plays an important effect on it.

d) delayed death may occur from edema of the glottis.

8-Numerous nail abrasions on the left side of the victim's neck indicate that throttling was done by

a) both hands of the assailant. 

b) the right hand.

c) the left hand

d) the forearms.

Answers :

  1. 1\ C

  2. 2\ C

  3. 3\ C

  4. 4\ B

  5. 5\ C

  6. 6\ C

  7. 7\ D

  8. 8\ B