Histology_L3, Eye part 1,2


L3 part 1, corneoscleral tunic &uvea tunic 

L3 part 2,the retina and accessory structures


1- What makes up the bulk of the sclera?
A) Purkinje fibers
B) Myofibrils
C) Fibro elastic tissue 
D) Reticular fibers
E) Collagen fibers

2- Which is NOT part of the retina?
A) Rods
B) Cones
C) Bipolar cells
D) Ganglion cells
E) Uvea
3- What is the most anterior portion of the uvea?
A) Choroid
B) Ciliary body
c) Iris 
D) ora serrata
E) Sclera

4- Which one of the following is not found in the retina?
A) Pigment epithelium
B) Muller's cells
c) Huxley's layer 
D) Horizontal cells
E) Cones

5- Light passes through the following structures in which order?
A) vitreous humor, lens, aqueous humor, cornea
B) Cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous humor 
C) Cornea, vitreous humor, lens, aquous humor
D) Aquous humor, cornea, lens, vitreous humor.

6- Where is the region associated with maximum visual acuity?
A) Ciliary body
B) Optic disc
c) Fovea centralis 
D) Lamina vitrea
E) Lamina cribrosa

7- What is the suspensory ligament of the lens?
A) Zonlular fibers 
B) Purkinje fibers
C) Elastic fibers
D) Spiral ligament
E) Oval ligament

8- What type of epithelium is on the surface of the cornea?
A) Simple squamous
 B) Stratified squamous 
C) Simple cuboidal
D) Simple columnar
E) Transitional epithelium

9- Which of the following is NOT part of the uvea?
A) Ciliary processes
B) Iris
C) Choroid
D) Ciliary body
E) Sclera 


1) C
2) E
3) C
4) C
5) B
6) C
7) A
8) B
9) E