L 14 , Transplantation, Micro


 Micro, L 14 , Transplantation

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1. The graft between genetically Dissimilar Members:

A. Allograft. 
B. Xenograft 
C. Isograft. 
D. Autograft

2. Successful transplantation may be with: 

A. Xenograft. 
B. Autograft
C. Syngraft 
D. B and c

3. GVHR is a major feature of ........ Transplantation 

A. Kidney. 
B. Heart
C. Bone marrow. 
D. Liver

4. Immunosuppressive therapy include all of the following except:

a. Cyclosporine. 
B. Corticosteroid
C. Azathioprine. 
D. Prostaglandin

5. Hyperacute rejection is due to:

A. Preformed antibodies. 
B. cd4 lymphocytes
C. cd8 Lymphocytes. 
D. Bone marrow

6. GVHR is :

A. Major feature of kidney transplantation
B. Host is competent
C. T lymphocytes initiate the process
D. One of anaplastic reaction

7. Acute rejection is due to:

A. preformed antibodies. 
B. CD4 lymphocytes 
C. cD8 Lymphocytes. 
D. b and c only 
E. all of the above

8. Mixed lymphocyte test is used to detect MHC 1. (   ) 

9.Acute rejection is treated by immunosuppressive therapy (   )

10. Rejection is seen in.....

A. Allograft
B. Syngraft
C. Heterograft
D. All of the above
E. a and c only


1- A.
2- D. 
3- C.
4- D
5- A
6- C
7- D
8- F
9- T
10- E