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L1 Treatment of anemia

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1) Which of the following causes deficiency anemia?

a) Iron deficiency

b) Folic acid deficiency

c) Ca+ deficiency

d) a & b

e) All of the above!   

2) Iron deficiency anemia causes: 

a) Hypochromic macrocytic anemia 

b) Hypochromic microcytic anemia 

c) Aplastic anemia 

d) Pernicious anemia 

3) Which of the following is wrong about iron? 

a) About 10% of ingested iron is absorbed. 

b) It is responsible for the bulk of O2 transport in the blood. 

c) It is absorbed mainly from ileum. 

d) Ascorbic acid increase its absorption 

 4) Factors which decrease absorption of iron are all the following except: 

a) Tannic acid 

b) Gastric acidity 

c) Malabsorption syndrome 

d) Antacids 

5) Which of the following is true about iron? 

a) It is absorbed in ferric state. 

b) It is oxidized in mucosal cells to ferric form. 

c) It travels through blood bound to transcobalamine. 

d) It can`t be seen in mitochondria. 

6) Which of the following is an indication of iron therapy? 

a) Malabsorption 

b) Excess blood loss 

c) Pregnancy 

d) All of the above 

7) Preparations of oral iron are all of the following except: 

a) Ferrous sulphate 

b) Iron gluconate 

C) Iron sorbitol 

D) Ferrous fumarate 

8) Which of the following is an oral iron preparation? 

a) Iron dextran 

b) Citric acid 

c) Iron gluconate 

d) Iron dextrin 

9) Black stool and black discoloration of teeth are side effects of: 

a) Oral iron 

b) Parenteral iron 

10) Parenteral iron preparation may lead to: 

a) GIT upset 

b) Bronchospasm 

c) Constipation or diarrhea 

d) Tachycardia 

e) b & d 

 11) ………… is not a treatment for acute iron toxicity: 

a) Gastric lavage by phosphate or carbonate solution 

b) Phlebotomy 

c) Desferal 

d) Fluids for dehydration 

12) All are true about Vit B12 except: 

a) It depends on presence of intrinsic factors 

b) It is absorbed from duodenum 

c) Metformin interfere with its absorption 

d) It is stored in liver and kidney 

13) Actions of Vit B12 ……… 

a) Essential for hemopoiesis 

b) It is important for DNA synthesis 

c) Myelination of neruo fibers in CNS d) All of the above 

14) Sub-acute combined degeneration of spinal cord is a manifestation of ……… 

a) Iron deficiency 

b) Vit B12 deficiency 

c) Folic acid deficiency 

d) All of the above 

15) Pernicious anemia is treated by: 

a) Epoetin Alfa 

b) Oprelvekin 

c) Cyancobalamine 

d) Hydroxocobalamine 

16) Active form of folic acid that is used in DNA synthesis and erythropoiesis is: 

a) Tetrahydrofolic 

b) PABA 

c) Dihydro folic 

d) None of the above 

 17) Antifolate drugs as ……… 

a) Phenytoin 

b) Methotrexate 

c) Oral contraceptive 

d) a & c 

e) a & b & c 

18) Erythropiotene is produced by: 

a) Kidney 

b) Liver 

c) Bone marrow 

d) Stomach 

19) Epoetin Alfa is an example of: 

a) GM-CSF 

b) G-CSF 

c) Erythropiotene 

d) Megakaryocyte growth factor 

 20) Which of the following growth factor is used in Neutropenia? 

a) GM-CSF 

b) G-CSF 

c) Erythropiotene 

d) Megakaryocyte growth factor 

21) Thrombocytopenia is an indication for usage of: 

a) GM-CSF 

b) G-CSF 

c) Erythropiotene 

d) Megakaryocyte growth factor 

22) Which of the following factors stimulate production of granulocytes and macrophage? 

a) GM-CSF 

b) G-CSF 

c) Erythropiotene 

d) Megakaryocyte growth factor


1) d              2) b           3) c 

4) b              5) b            6) d

7) c              8) c             9) a 

10) e           11) b            12) b 

13) d           14) b            15) c 

16) a           17) e            18) a 

19) c           20) b            21) d 

22) a

True and false 

1) Anemia is defined as deficient numbers of circulating red blood cells or high total hemoglobin content per unit of blood volume. ( )

2) Vit B12 and folic acid deficiency cause macrocytic anemia. ( ) 

3) Anti-cancers can cause aplastic anemia. ( ) 

4) Congenital spherocytosis can cause hemolytic anemia. ( ) 

5) Iron is absorbed as ferric and transported as ferrous ( ) 

6) Hemochromatosis is excess iron absorption. ( ) 

7) Myelination of neruo fibers in CNS is the action of iron. ( ) 

8) Glossitis and diarrhea are manifestations of Vit B12 deficiency. ( ) 

9) Hydroxocobalamine is used to treat Cyanide poisoning. ( )

10) If the patient has deficiency of Vit B12 and folic acid both agents should be given and Vit B12 must be used after folic acid. ( )


1) F              2) T              3) T

4) T              5) F             6) T 

7) F              8) T              9) T 

10) F

Short essay 

1) Define Anemia 

2) Mention factors that increase and decrease iron absorption.

3) Mention causes of iron deficiency anemia (indication of iron therapy) 

4) Mention side effects of oral iron and parenteral iron preparations. 

5) How to treat acute and chronic iron toxicity? 

6) Mention actions of Vit B12. 

7) What are manifestations of Vit B12 deficiency? 

8) What do you know about Pernicious anemia? 

9) Mention indications of using folic acid. 

10) Define heamopiotic growth factors. 

11) How to manage aplastic anemia?