L11, Cortical control of motor functions and functions of motor descending tracts - Physiology

 Cortical control of motor functions and functions of motor descending tracts

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1-All of the following is true about area 4 except

  1. It,s in Precentral gyrus
  2. It's responsible mainly of gross movements
  3. Body representation is according to function

2- which is true about motor aphasia

  1. a. it,s inability to move.
  2. b. It result from lesion in area 4.
  3. C. It's due to Paralysis of muscles of tongue.
  4. d. There's no Paralysis.

3-All the following is false about Pyramidal tract except.....

  1. a It has many relays.
  2. b. It Control gross movements.
  3. c. It terminate on AHC and Sensory nuclei of cranial nerves.
  4. D. It include Cortico spinal tract.

4-The Percentage of uncrossed fibers above the spinal Cord is:..

  1. a. 80%
  2. b. 50%
  3. c. C. 20%
  4. d. less than 20%.

5-The Percentage of uncrossed fibers at to in the Spinal cord is..

  1. a- 20%.
  2. b. 80%
  3. c.50% d. less than 20%.

Mcq on motor areas

6-The Corticospinal tract:.

  1. a. include lateral and ventral ones.
  2. b. lateral Cortico spinal tract Controls fine movemet
  3. C. Ventral Cortico spinal tract terminate directly on AHC
  4. d. All of the above

7-the left Part of the chest...

  1. a. is supplied only from left hemisphere.
  2. b. is supplied only from right hemisphere.
  3. C. Supplied Bilaterally from right and left hemisphere.
  4. d. None of the above.

8- In UMN bulbar lesion which might be affected..

  1. a. The right hand.
  2. b. the left hand.
  3. C. The upper face.
  4. d. The tongue.

9-if there is Pyramidal lesion at level of Cortex..

  1. a. There's no Paralysis
  2. b. The right hand is Paralyzed probably.
  3. C. There's hemiplasia

10-Alternating hemi plasia..

  1. a. It occurs if lesion at level of Brain stem..
  2. b. There's hemiplasia of 'same side. C. There's monoplasia of opposite side.
  3. Mcq on motor areas

11- extra pyramidal tract.

  1. a. Has no relys.
  2. b. Controls gross movements.
  3. C. It terminate on cranial nerve nuclei

12 -Lateral motor system is composed of..

  1. a. Red nucleus.
  2. b. vestibular nucleus.
  3. C. Cortico spinal tract
  4. d. a +C

13) which is true...

  1. a. Pyramidal and extra Pyramidal are functionally separated.
  2. b. Gross movement has no relation with fine ones..
  3. C. Pyramidal and extra pyramidal tracks are help each other.

14 -45- year old man had an accident then he could not move his right

  1. leg at all , which pathway is affected
  2. a. Right pyramidal tract at level of the cortex
  3. b. Left pyramidal tract at level of the cortex
  4. c. Right pyramidal tract at level of the brain stem

15-In UMNL the muscles lose its tone ( )

  1. true
  2. false

16- All reflexes is increased in UMNL( )

  1. true
  2. false