L20,21, Wounds, Forensic

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1-Contusion is the following, except

a superficial area of bleeding present only under the intact skin

b) resulted from rupture of blood vessels.

c) due to blunt trauma.

d) escaping of blood from small veins, arterioles or capillaries

2-The color of bruises due to the presence of bilirubin is

a) green. 

b) yellow.

 c) red. 

d) black.

3- Recent bruise is

a) red in color due to reduced hemoglobin.

b) blue in color due to oxyhemoglobin.

c) red in color due to carboxy hemoglobin.

d) red in color due to oxyhemoglobin.

4- Contusions are usually accompanied by

a) contused wounds. 

b) abrasions.

c) infection.

 d) intradermal bruises

5-A stab wound has

a) a length equals the thickness of a weapon blade.

b) a depth equals the width of a weapon blade.

c) a depth equals the length of a weapon blade.

d) a length equals the length of a weapon blade.

6-Fabricated wounds are

a) usually suicidal.

 b) accessible to the person.

c) relatively harmful.

 d) defense wounds.

7- The shape of the causal instrument can be identified in the following, except

a) abrasions.

 b) contusions.

c) cut wounds.

 d) stab wounds.

8-The most dangerous type of wounds is

a) abrasions.

b) contused wounds.

c) incised wounds.

d) stab wounds.

9-Black eye is occurred due to the following, except

a) fracture base of the skull.

b) fracture of the jaw.

c) direct blow to the orbit.

d) injury to the front of scalp.

10-The following are characters of lacerations, except

a) the edges are irregular and bruised.

b) bleeding is usually slight.

c) healing is slowly and leaves a thin linear scar.

d) they occur in skin over bony prominence and also in internal organs.

11-Contused wound is the following, except

a) caused by blunt object.

b) red in color and commonly inflamed.

c) irregular in shape.

d) not accompanied by vital reaction or bruises.

12-Fabricated wounds are the following, except

a) superficial incisions.

b) coinciding with tears in the clothes.

c) superficial burns. 

d) in safe areas.

13-Incised wounds are the following, except

a) regular and clean.

b) severely bleeding.

c) related to the causative agent.


  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. C
  11. D
  12. B
  13. C