L22 heavy metals

 L22 heavy metals

داتا المحاضره



  1. Plumbism is the name given to chronic toxicty of 

    1. Mercury 

    2. Lead

    3. Arsenic

    4. Either mercury or lead\

  2. Mechanism of lead poisoning including all the following except:

    1. Inhibition of enzymes acting in heme synthsis 

    2. Inhibition of pyrimidine 5-nuclotidase enz

    3. Breaking down of RNA

    4. Combination of SH group of proteins

3- peripheral neuropathy in Plumbism is :

  1. Initially motor then sensory

  2. Onset as wrist drop followed by numbness 

  3. Rare in children

4- In acute lead poisoning all true except :

  1. More common in children

  2. Encephalopathy may begin with seizures 

  3. Fanconi syndrome may occur 

  4. Rice water diarrhea 

5- In chronic lead toxicity (plumbism) all right except:

  1. Constipation with black offensive stool 

  2. Megaloblastic anemia 

  3. Motor peripheral neuropathy is common with wrist drop

  4. Basophilic stippling of RBCS

6- a patient`s dental exam reveals a bluish discoloration of his gums referred to as burton`s lines, what`s the diagnosis ?

  1. Cadmium poisoning 

  2. Chronic lead poisoning 

  3. Chromium poisoning 

  4. Copper poisoning

True or false

1-Some of heavy metals are essential for life 

2- Acute lead poisoning is more common among adults

3- Gastric lavage is contra indicated in lead poisoning as it may cause perforation

4- Heavy metals poisoning charcterised by its local effect only

5-general protoplasmic poisoning is common name for narcotics poisoning



2- C

3- C

4- D

5- B


True or false

  1. T

  2. F acute lead poisoning is more common in children

  3. in lead poisoning there`s superficial erosions so gastric lavage is not contra indicated 

  4. heavy metal poisoning have double action local irritant and remote action due to combination with sulphar containg enzymes.

5F it`s common name for heavy metals poisoning not narcotics