L3 anemia physio


L3 part1 anemia physio

L3 part 2, polycythemia, physio


Definition: It is the decrease in oxygen carrying capacity of the blood due to either decrease in RBCs count or hemoglobin content, or both. Anemia is considered when RBCs count is less than:
<4.5 million/mm3 in adult mal
<3.9 million /mm3 in adult female

• Anemia is considered when hemoglobin content is less than: < 13.5 gm/dl in adult mal
< 11.5 gm/dl in adult female

Blood indices

1- Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) = volume of single RBC

Hematocrit value X 10

RBC count in million

Normally, it is 90 (ranged 83-97 μ3)

Less than 83 p is considered Microcytic anemia, more than 97 μμ1 is considered Macrocytic anemia.

2- Mean corpuscular Hb (MCH) = amount of Hb in single RBC

Hb content X 10

RBC count in million

- Normally, it is 30 picogram ranged from (27-33 pg). Less than 27 pg. is caused by defective Hb synthesis and obtained in microcytic anemia

A) According to the cause of anemia: 1- Loss of blood as in severe bleeding (Hemorrhagic anemia). 2- Hemolysis, intravascular rupture of RBCs (Hemolytic anemia).

3- Damage of bone marrow caused by drugs, irradiations or malignant tumor (Aplastic anemia). 4- Nutritional deficiency:

• Iron deficiency anemi

• Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency anemia

while, higher values (up to 38 pg) are found in macrocytic anemia.

3- Mean corpuscular Hb concentration (MCHC):

= Amount of Hb in 100 ml packed RBCs Hb content X 10


Normally, it is 33% ranged from (30-36%) = normochromic