L3 , sudden unexpected death , forensic


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True or false with explanation 

  1. Ischemia of the myocardium is considered not dangerous

  2. Rupture arthromtus plaque is considered not dangerous

  3. Many infarcts is developed from Rupture atheromatous plaque

  4. Hypertensive heart disease may lead to sudden death

  5. Seizures of epilepsy may lead to sudden death


  1. False, ischemia may cause chronic hypoxia resulting un stable myocardium which may cause arrhythmia, complete occlusion of coronary cause myocardial infarction

  2. False, it cause many infarcts

  3. True, due to wash of cholesterol and fat which becomes impacted into small arteriols causing infarctions

  4. True, sudden death in Hypertensive heart maybe due to arrhythmia or Rupture Aorta or cerebral hemorrhage

  5. True, seizures itself not a fatal condition but may cause death due to position obstruct air way or drowning or secondary trauma as fall or head injury


  1. 90% of sudden death is due to defect in which system 

  1. CVS

  2. CNS

  3. Respiratory

  4. GIT

  1. Which of the following is not considered cause of sudden death in pregnancy 

    1. Eclampsia 

    2. Complication of Abortion 

    3. Rupture Ectopic pregnancy 

    4. Diabetes mellitus 

  2. To what degree stenosis of coronary Is considered critical and cause chronic hypoxia 

    1. 50%

    2. 75%

    3. 60%

    4. 45%

  3. The most common cause of sudden natural death is

    1. Cardiomyopathy

    2. Coronary thrombosis

    3. Coronary embolism

    4. Mural thrombosis that reduce the lumen 

  4.  Complications of coronary artery thrombosis include the following, except

    1. myxomatous degeneration of the valve.

    2. aneurysmal formation

    3. myocardial hypoxia and arrhythmias.

    4. myocardial infarction

  5. …………. % of coronary artery disease present with no signs or history

    1. 15%

    2. 25%

    3. 35%

    4. 45%

  6. Diagnosis of postpartum hemorrhage depends on 

    1. Circumstances ( clinical & family history & witness)

    2. Exclusion of other cause of trauma or poison

    3. Complete Autopsy

    4. Urine and blood samples for toxicological screening

    5. All of the above

  7. In which of the following is not considered cause of sudden death due to Respiratory system

    1. Pulmonary embolism

    2. Lobar pneumonia

    3. Massive hemoptysis

    4. COPD

    5. Pneumocystii carnii pneumonia

Answers :

  1. A

  2. D

  3. B

  4. C

  5. A

  6. B

  7. E

  8. D