L4, Antidiabetics and Hypoglycemics, Toxicology

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1- The signs and symptoms of hypoglycemic toxidrome are

a) Diaphoresis, tachycardia, hyperthermia and hyperpnea

 b) Diaphoresis, tachycardia and hypertension

c) Diaphoresis, tachycardia, hypertension and hyperthermia

d) Mydriasis, urinary retention and hyperthermia


2-Octerotide is an antidote can be used in overdose of:

a) Beta blockers 

b) Antidiabetics

c) Barbiturates

d) Atropine

e) Aconitine


3-The mechanism of octerotide in treatment of antidiabetic drugs overdose is:

a) Inhibit insulin release

b) Mobilize glycogen stores

 c) Increase metabolism of hypoglycemic drugs

d) Opening of K-ATP channels e) Ca efflux


4-The main symptom in hypoglycemia is

 a) Delirium

b) Hunger pain

c) Diaphoresis

 d) Tachycardia


5-According to ADA,blood glucose concentration in level 1 hypoglycemia is:

a) < 70 and > 54 

b) >70 and < 54

c) <70 and 54

d) >70 and < 54

6-1st organ affected by hypoglycemia:

a) liver

b) skeletal muscle

c) adipose tissue

d) brain.


7-The glycemic threshold in non-diabetics:

a) 54 mg/dl 

b) 78 mg/dl

c) 53 mg/dl

d) 70 mg/dl


8-Specific antidote in hypoglycemia is:

a) Octerotide

b) Dextrose

c) Glucagon

d) Diazoxide


9-Antidote of choice in cases of rebound hypoglycemia:

a) Dextrose

b) Glucagon

c) Octerotide 

d) Diazoxide


10-Dextrose used in children in cases of hypoglycemia caused by sulfonylurea toxicity is:

a) D100W

b) D50W

c) D25W

d) D10W


True and False :

1-In hypoglycemia, the cardiac and hepatic symptoms are predominating while the CNS is less affected. (F)

2-The predominant symptoms in hypoglycemia are the CVS manifestations..(F)

 3-Non-selective B-adrenergic antagonists (BB) can be used safely with hypoglycemic drugs.(F) 

4-Glucagon is so effective in treatment of oral hypoglycemic overdose in elderly and starvation. (F)

5-In patient with insulin overdose, Diazoxide plays an important role in improve hypoglycemia.(F) 

6-Glucagon can't be given to alcoholic or elderly as antidote of their hypoglycemic toxicity. (T)

 7-The neuropsychiatric symptoms resulting from hypoglycemia are usually irreversible. (F)