L7 part 1&2, optics of eye and receptor function of retina - physiology

 optics of eye and receptor function of retina

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part 1 
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1)which of the following is responsible for regulating the amount of the light entering the eye

  1. a-the retina 
  2. b- iris 
  3. c-pupil 
  4. d- cornea

2)Dilator pupillae muscle is supplied by 

  1. a- sympathetic nerve supply
  2. b- parasympathetic nerve supply

3)which of the following is considered component of the lens system :

  1. a- the cornea 
  2. b- aqueous humor
  3. c- eye lens
  4. d- vitrous humor
  5. e- all of the above

4- most of the converging power of the eye is provided by the …

  1. Cornea 
  2. Eye lens 
  3. Iris 
  4. Retina

5- the rays from a distant object are focused on the retina by a..

  1. Flattened lens 

  2. Rounded lens 


6- correction of the inverted image occurs in the ..

  1. Brain 

  2. Liver

  3. Bone 

  4. Retina

7- which of the following is not considered one of the segment of the photopigment

  1. Outer segment

  2. Inner segment 

  3. Middle segment 

  4. Nucleus 

8-the mitochondria is present in 

  1. Inner segment 

  2. Outer segment 

  3. Nucleus 

  4. the synaptic body

9- The photopigment of the rods is called

  1. erythrolabe 

  2. chlorolabe 

  3. cyanolabe 

  4. rhodopsin

10- the only form of the retinal that can bind with scotopsin is 

  1. all trans retinal 

  2. all trans retinol

  3. 11-cis retinal 

11- rhodopsin is unstable compound 

  1. True 

  2. False

12- conversion of all trans retinal into 11-cis retinal is catalyzed by 

  1. Transferase

  2. Protease 

  3. Isomerase

13- the direct visual pathway in the retina is formed by 

  1. Rods and cons 

  2. Bipolar cells 

  3. Ganglion cells

  4. Amacrine cells 

  5. a,b,c

14-the sensitivity of the retina is inversely proportionate to the light intensity

  1. true 
  2. false

15- light adaptation is much slower process than dark adaptation

  1. true 

  2. false