L9,10 part 3, Head injuries, Forensic


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Head Injuries

1-Bruising of the scalp in infants is the following, except

  1. associated with skull fractures.

  1. manifested by a marked swelling.

  1. present beneath the outer surface of skull.

  1. due to bleeding from the fracture line.

2-The scalp can be lacerated by the following, except

  1. a violent compression with a blunt object.

  1. a sharp instrument splitting the tissues in a sharply demarcated fashion.

  1. crushing against the underlying skull.

  1. an impact appearing it like a slash from sharp object.

3- Laceration of the scalp is usually occurred in the following, except

a) the vertex.

c) the forehead.

4-Lacerations of the scalp

  1. bleeding minimally.

  1. cannot reproduce the pattern of inflicting object

  1. should be accompanied by skull fracture.

  1. are mainly complicated by meningitis.

5- Direct local impact to the skull induces

  1. extruded areas under the point of impact.

  1. intruded areas surrounding an impact area.

  1. coup cortical lesion.

  1. compression of the skull contents.

6-At the site of focal impact on the skull

  1. the bone is indented.

  1. the bone becomes convex in the form of a shallow cone.

  1. tearing forces occur on it.

  1. the outer table is fractured at this point.

7-Falling from height on the feet causes fracture of

a)the vault.

b) the face or chin.

c) the base of skul

d) the parietal bone.

8- Falling from height may lead to the following, except

a) pond fracture.

b) polar fracture.

c) ring fracture.

d) fractures of the orbital plates.

9- When the head is freely movable

  1. polar fracture is occurred

  1. the induced damage is explained by struck hoop mechanism.

  1. cortical contusion and laceration are occurred.

  1. the skull is flattened at the perpendicular direction.

10-Traffic accidents can induce the following, except

a) hinge fracture.

B) partial extrusion of the brain from the cranial cavity.

C) cerebral apoplexy.



2- b 

3- A

4- D

5- c

6- A

7- C

8- A

9- C

10- C