Micro-L1, Bacteremia, salmonella and enteric fever


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1. Typhoid is also known as....
a) Pneumonia fever
b) Hepatic fever
c) Enteric fever
d) Vesicular fever
2. Typhoid fever is caused by....
a) Salmonella typhi
b) E.coli
c) Shigella
d) None of the above
3. The rash seen in Enteric fever is referred to as ....
a) Tomato spots
b) Flame spots
c) Dew drops spots
d) Rose spots
4. A blood test used to diagnose Typhoid...
a) Elisa
b) Widal
c) Western blot
d) Torch
5. Typhoid vaccine can be administrated orally
a) True
b) False
6. Drug used in ttt of Typhoid...
a) Chloramphenicol
b) Ampicillin
c) Trimethoprim sulfamethoxazol
d) All of the above
7. Salmonella typhi is most likely transmitted via which of the following pathways...
a) Food
b) Sexually
c) Soiled clothing
d) Air borne
8. Onset of typhoid fever is usually gradual, with fever and which of the following additional symptoms occurring most often?
a) Rose spots
b) Delirium
c) Bleeding
d) Arthritis
9. How is salmonella typhi classified ...
a) Gram negative
b) Bacilli
c) Non spore forming
d) All of the above
10. How do salmonella typhi move ....
a) Flagella
b) Cilia
c) Tail
d) Don’t move

Answeres MCQ

1) C
2) A
3) D
4) B
5) A
6) D
7) A
8) A
9) D
10) A