Micro-L2,brucella ,yersenia, pasteurella and francisella


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Brucella MCQs

1-Brucella causes
a. Plague.
b. Undulant fever.
c. Hand chancre.
2- Fever of unknown origin in a farmer who raises goats world most likely be caused by which of the following organisms?
a. Brucella melitensis
b. Clostridium novy
c.Treponema pallidum
d. Histoplasma cupalatum
e. Mycobacterium tuberculosisd.
3-Brucella is transmitted by all expect:
a. Contact with infected placenta of animal.
b. Aerosol transmissions .
c. Drinking infected milk.
d. Person to person.
4-Brucella is pathogenic for human and animals, which one of ?the following statements is best characterizes this organism
a. It has capsule of polyglutamic acid, which is toxic when .injected into rabbits
b. It synthesizes protein toxin as a result of colonization of vaginal tampons.
c. It causes spontaneous abortion and has tropism for placental tissue due to the presence of erythritol in allamaic .and amniotic fluid
d. It secretes two toxins, A and B, in large bowel during antibiotic therapy
:5-What are the cardinal manifestation of human brucellosis a. Vomiting and diarrhea
.b. A fluctuating pattern of fever
.c. A pseudomembrane in the throat
.d. Peeling of the skin on the palms and soles
e. A cough that lasts for months
:6-Gold standard specimen for culturing bracella is
a. Blood
b. Bone marrow
c. CSF
d. Tissue
e. Stool
7-In chronic brucellosis
a. Level of IgM is elevated
.b. The direct agglutination test is positive
c. Levels of IgG and IgA are elevated
d. level of IgE is elevated
8-In case of brucellosis, blood culture is considered negative :after
.a. I week
b. 2 weeks
.c. 3-4 weeks
.d. 2 months
:9-As regarding culture of brucella, all of the correct except .a. Growth can occur on liver extract agar.
.b. Growth can occur on glucose serum agar. .c. Colonies appear after 2-5 days.
.d. Optimum temperature is 28°C
e. Brucella abortus requires 10% Co2.

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Yersinia MCQs

1- Which is false about B/ R of Yesenia Pestis?
A- not change milk
B- Catalase positive
C- Indole Positive
D- Glucose fermentation with acid only
2- Which is not virulence factor of Yersinia pestis?
A- Coagulase
B- Pili
C- Endotoxin
D- Exotoxin
3- ..... is caused by contact with farm animals
A- Pasteurella
B- Yersinia
C- Francisella
4- Typhoid like illness is caused by...
A- Pasteurella
B- Francisella
C- Yersinia
5- Yesenia Pestis is transmitted from bite site to ...
A- blood
C- intestine
D- Lung
6- For Prevention of plague transmission to contact of patients, we use ...
A- vaccines
B- chemoprophylaxis
C- seroprophylaxis
7- in Morphology of Yersinia Which is more marked by Lishman stain ?
A- Capsule
B- Bipolarity
C- Motility
D- All of above
8- Reservoir of plague is ...
A- Man
B- Wild Rodent
C- Xenopsylla
D- house rats
9- Bubo caused by Yersinia haemorrhagic infection in ..
A- Blood
C- Lung
D- Site of bite
10- Spread of plague from blood into lung can cause ...
A- 1ry pneumonia
B- 2ry pneumonia
C- Septicaemia
D- Bubo
11- Culture of Yersinia results in ... Haemolysis
A- alpha
B- gamma
C- beta
D- all of the above
12- Yersinia pseudo TB caused by ...
A- inhalation
B- contaminated food
C- Bite
D- contact with rodents
13- Commonest organism in cat / dog bite ....
A- Francisella
B- Pasteurella
C- Yersinia
D- Brucella
14- Rabbit Fever is caused by ...
A- Pasteurella
B- Francisella
C- Yersinia
D- Brucella
15- Culture of Pasteurella results in ... Haemolysis
A- alpha
B- gamma
C- beta
D- all of the above

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