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 L2 ,Malaria , para

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1/ The habitat of p.vivax is ?

 a\ Liver

b\ Small intestine

C\  RBCs

d\ A and c

2\ The vector of the p.malarea is ?

a\ Anopheles

b\ Sand fly

c\ Ticks

d\ Bed bugs

3\ The intermediate host of p.oval is ?

A/ Anopheles

B/ Higher apes

C/ Man

D/ Dogs

4/ Malaria can be transmitted through?

A/ Bite of infected mosquito

B/ Blood transfusion

C/ Congenital

D/ all of the above

5/ witch of the following types of plasmodium can case cerebral damage?

A/ P.Falciparum

B/ P.vivax

C/ P.oval

D/ P.malarea

6/ Infective stage of malaria is?

a- hypnozoite

b- schizont

c-  trophozoite

d-  sporozoite

7/ Tertian malaria caused by

A/ P.oval

B/ P. falciparum

C/ P.malarea

D/ None of the above 

8/ Quartan malaria caused by

A/ P. oval

B/ P.vivax

C/ P.falciparum

D/ P. malarea

9/ Malignant malaria cased by

A/ P.oval

B/ P,vivax

C/ P. falciparum

D/ P. malarea

10/ Typical malarial paroxysm come in the following order

A/ Hot.  Cold. sweating

B/ Cold. sweating. hot

C/ Hot. Sweating. Cold

D/ Cold. Hot. sweating

11/ Witch is true in regard of Tertian malaria ?

A/ Cases sever complication

B/ Cased by falciparum

C/ Nephrotic syndrome may occur

D/ None of the above

12/ Relapse in tertian malaria occurs due to

A/ Sporozoite in the liver

B/ Trophozoite in RBCs

C/ Hypnozoite in liver

D/ None of the above

13/ The most chronic type of malaria is

A/ Tertian malaria

B/ Quartan malaria

C/ Malignant malaria

D/ All of the above

14/ Witch of the following not part of tropical splenomegaly syndrome?

A/ Presistant splenomegaly

B/ Non transit reduction of spleen upon treatment

C/ Increase serum IgG

D/ Lymphatic infiltration of the liver and anemia

25 years old man came to hospital complaining of pain in right hypochondrium, jaundice, dysentery and typical malaria paroxysm on examination the doctor found enlarged tender lever and large spleen the following investigation was done (CBC severe anemia) (blood glucose level shows hypoglycemia) (urine analysis shows hemoglobinuria) (kidney function was impaired) the patent diagnosed as malaria 

15/ Witch of the following types of the plasmodium can case the previous condition?

A/ P. malarea

B/ P.oval

C/ P.vivax

D/ P. Falciparum

16/ Describe how to diagnose a case of malaria

17/ Describe black water fever

18/ Give short account about quartan malaria

19/ Mention 4 types of plasmodium

20/ Describe malarial paroxysm

21/ How to treat and prevent a case of malaria

22/ Mention three complication of malignant malaria

23/ Describe tropical splenomegaly syndrome

24/ What is recrudescence?

25/ Explain why p.falceparum can case sever ischemia to the organs


1- D
2- A
3- C
4- D
5- A
6- D
7- A
8- D
9- C
10- D
11- D
12- C
13- B
14- C
15- D