Pediatric _ Liver


Liver part 1

Liver Part 2


1. Parental and sexual transmission in viral hepatitis occur in all of the following Except

a. Hepatitis B

b. Hepatitis C

c. Hepatitis D

d. Hepatitis E

2. Viral hepatitis is diagnosed by all of the following, Except: a. High serum bilirrubin

b. High AST

c. High ALT  

d.High plasma creatinine

3.Which of the following would be most related to the diagnosis of portal hypertension:

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a. History of neonatal umbilical catheters.

b. Thrombocytosis

c. Hematemsis

d. deficiency anemia

4.Diagnosis of portal hypertension include all of the following, Except:  

a. Upper endoscopy

b. Liver biopsy

c. Abdominal ultra sound

d.Blood culture

5. An infant is born to a mother who is HbsAg positive. What should be the next step to do for this baby?

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A. Check hepatitis B serology And Give Hepatitis Immunoglobulin

B. Give hepatitis B immunoglobulin.

C. Vaccinate with hepatitis B vaccine.

D. Give hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine

E. Postpone vaccination till age of 2 months


6.Extra hepatic complications is common with

A. Hepatitis A virus

B. Hepatitis B virus

C. Hepatitis C virus

D. Hepatitis D virus

E. Hepatitis E virus

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7.Portal Hypertension is elevation of portal pressure MORE Than

A.  5 mmHg

B. 10 mmHg

C. 25 mmHg

8.  All of the following cause portal hypertension with hepatomegaly EXCEPT.

A. Portal vein thrombosis  

B.Budd chiari syndrome disease

C. Constrictive pericarditis  

E. Inferior vena Cava thrombosis

9.Features of portal hypertension include all the following, EXCEPT:

a. Ascites is not related to prehepatic causes

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b. The spleen is enlarged

c. It leads to esophageal varices d. All cases present with hepatomegaly

10. In cases with prehepatic portal hypertension which is FALSE:

a.  History of use of neonatal umbilical venous catheters


c. Splenoegaly


11.The virus Responsible for hepatitis other than hepatitis virus include all Except

a. Cytomegalovirus

b. Epstein-Barr virus

c. Herps simplex

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d.  Coxsackie

١٢.3 years old boy developed abdominal distension. History of neonatal jaundice with exchange transfusion. Now The boy presents with upper Git bleeding. On examination he is found to have splenomegaly; there Is no ascites, or hepatomegaly; The most likely diagnosis is:

a. Budd Chiari syndrome

b.Portal vein thrombosis

c. Cirrhosis

d.venoocclusive disease

13.Hepatitis preventing vaccines already used:

a.For hepatitis B  

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b. For hepatitis C

c. hepatitis A

d.Both hepatitis (A) and (B)

14. Eye signs in liver disorders include:

a. Kayser Fleisher ring


c.Both a and b.

d. None of the above

15. Important liver functions include All of the following Except  

a. Maintenance of blood glucose concentration

b.Excretion of nitrogen waste as ammonia

c. of insulin release

d. Control of Production of gammaglobulin


1. D

2. D

3. A

4. D

5. D

6. B

7. B

8. A

9. D

10. D

11. D

12. B

13. D

14. C

15. B

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