Pediatrics _ GIT




1.An 8-month-old child has vomiting and screaming episodes for 12 hours. Physical examination reveals a sausage-shaped mass in the right upper quadrant. Which of the following would be most useful?

(A) passage of nasogastric tube

(B) examination of a stool specimen for ova

and parasites

(C) blood culture

(D) abdominal ultrasound

(E) barium enema study

2.The classic radiologic finding in duodenal atresia is which of the following?

(A) a totally gasless abdomen

(B) free air below the diaphragm

(C) the double bubble sign

(D) the anchor sign

(E) the string sign

3.Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is the most common esophageal disorder in children of all ages. Of the following, the MOST common symptom in infants is

a. excessive crying

b. regurgitation

c. failure to thrive

d. abnormal posturing with down syndrome complaining from to failure to thrive chronic diarrhea abdominal destination

a. rickets 

b. coeliac disease

c. chrons 

d. ulcerative colitis

5. congenital hypertrophy of pyloric muscle occurs in
a. 1 week

b. 2 to 3 weeks

c. 5 to 6 weeks

d. 2 to 3 months

e. 5 to 6 months  

 6. all of the following complication of GERD in infant except 

a. weight loss

b. aspiration pneumonia 

c. metabolic acidosis 

d. hematemesis 

e. esophagitis 

  7. zinc malabsorption cause 

a. Abetalipoproteinemia

b. congenital pernicious anemia 

c. acrodermatitis enteropatheca

d. minks disease  

 8. which of the following not used in triple therapy of H.pylory infection 

a. azithromycin 

b. clarithromycin 

c. proton pump inhibitor 

d. ampicillin

e. metronidazole  

 9. Mother of 3-month-old baby came to complaining of constipation with history of delayed passage of stool, on examination, rectum is empty, the MOST probable diagnosis is

a. pyloric stenosis 

b. Congenital megacolon

c. Anal atresia

d. Volvulous

e. intussusception

10. case

At the emergency room, mother of 12 months old baby came worried about her baby who had gastroenteritis over the last week, now he developed attacks of colicky pain and red currant jelly stool .0n examination mobile sausage like mass can be palpable on the right Sid of the abdomen

1.What is the most probable diagnosis?

A. Pyloric stenosis

 B. Intussusception

c. ulcerative colitis

d. Duodenal atresia

E. Hirsch sprung disease

2.You ordered ultrasound, the finding you expect is

a. Increase pyloric thickness

b. Skip sign

c. Double bubble sign

d. Target sign



11 case 

A 12 year old boy has recurrent abdominal pain , loose stool  preanal   abscess and fistula, and right sided lower abdominal mass

1.Witch of the following is the most probable diagnosis?

A. Coeliac disease

b. Chrons disease

C. Ulcerative colitis

D. Duodenal ulcer

E. Cystic fibrosis

2.Which of the following investigations help you confirm the diagnosis?

A. Positive ANCA in 65% of cases

'B. Positive antisaccharomyces antibodies in 55% of cases

C. Positive sweat choloride test

D. Positive IgA tissue transglutaminase 

E. Positive antiendomysial antibodies

3.Which is the specific treatment of this case?

A. Gluten free diet

 B. Sulphasalazine

C. Gene therapy

D. Omeprazole

E. Tetracycline




MCQ Answer

1. E 

2 .C

3. B

4. B

5. B

6 .C

7 .C

8. A

9. B