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• 1- Small for gestational age baby : a. Birth weight less than 3^rd percentile b. Birth weight less than 50^th percentile c. Birth weight less than 10^th percentile d. Birth weight less than 40^th percentile • 2- the commonest cause of fever in the neonatal period is : a. Pneumonia b. Neonatal jaundice c. Neonatal dehydration d. Meningitis • 3- In NEC all of the following are found , EXPECT : a. Thrombocytopenia b. Abdominal distension c. Blood in stools d. Increased bowel sound • 4- The following is not present in infant diabetic mother : a. Hypokalemia b. Hypoglycemia c. Large tongue d. Ventricular septal defect • 5- In congenital infections all the following findings are true EXCPECT: a. Hepatosplenomegaly b. Most are due to bacterial infections c. Microcephaly d. Cataract e. Jaundice • 6- Hemorrhage in the neonatal period is mainly caused by: a. Vitamin K deficiency due to absent intestinal flora b. Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy c. Maternal idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura d. Congenital infections • 7- The causes of neonatal hypocalcemia : a. Hypoparathyroidism b. Phosphate load c. Both a & b d. None of the above • 8- The early symptoms of the neonatal sepsis include all , EXPECT : a. Lethargy b. Fever c. Poor feed d. Bleeding • 9- Apnea is characterized by the following , EXPECT : a. Cessation of respiration for 20 seconds b. Tachycardia c. Bradycardia d. Cyanosis • 10- Complications seen among SGA baby , EXPECT : a. Hypoglycemia b. Hypothermia c. Polycythemia d. Anemia 11- Causes of seizures in the neonatal period include all of the following , EXPECT : a. Asphyxia and ischemia b. Hypoglycemia and hypocalcemia c. Hyperkalemia and hypernatremia d. Septicemia and meningitis • 12- A newborn infant of diabetic mother may present with all , EXPECT : a. Hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia b. Hypothermia c. Hyperbilirubinemia and polycythemia d. Cardiac and skeletal anomalies • 13- All of the following are problems of an infant of diabetic mother , EXPECT : a. Hypoglycemia b. Renal anomalies c. Hypomagnesemia d. hyperbilirubinemia 14- All of the following are features of prematurity in a neonate, EXPECT : a. No creases in soles b. Abundant lanugo hair c. Thick ear cartilage d. Empty scrotum • 15- All of the following is not included in laboratory investigations for diagnosis neonatal sepsis : a. Positive CRP b. Positive CSF culture c. Platelet count less than 150000 d. Toxic granulations in blood film e. Immature to mature neutrophil ration


1- c & d 2- c 3- d 4- a 5- b 6- a 7- c 8- d 9- b 10-c 11-c 12-b 13-b 14-c 15-c