Physio-L5,Hemostasis 2


L5,Hemostasis 2

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1) All of the following is true about the platelets except
a- rounded disc in shape
b- life span 8 weeks
C- they are formed from megakaryocytes
d- count 150-450,000

2) Dense granules contains
a- serotonin
b- ADP
c- platelet stabilizing factor
d- All of the above
e- A.B. only

3) is synthesized and released from activated platelets
a- ADP
b- Thromboxane A2
c- Serotonin
d- CA+2

4) decrease the production of Thromboxane A2
a- Rifampicin
b- erythromycin
c- Aspirin
d- Cyclosporine

1_ b. 2_e. 3_b. 4_c

5) all clotting factors are synthesized in the liver except
a- Factor ll
b- Factor lll
c- Factor.VI
d- Factor V

6) All of these aro present in serum except
a- Xl

7) pathway that can occur in vivo and in vitro
a- Extrinsic
B- Interinsic

8) which of the following has rule in clot formation
B- Thrombomodulin
C- roughness of endothelial surface
D- smoothness of endothelial surface

9) Dicumarol compete with ...
a- Vit b
B- Vit c
C- Vit a
D- Vit k

5_ b. 6_ d. 7_b. 8_ C. 9_ d

10) Heparin block the activity of factor.......
a- Vlll
C- X
D- a.b only
E- b.c only

11) conditions that increase coagubility
B- von willebrand disease
C- Vit K dificiency
D- All of the above
E- Non of the above

12) disease that characterized by small punctuates hemorrhage throughout the skin
a- Vit K dificiency
B- Purpura
C- von willebrand disease
D- Hemophilia

13) defect of the platelets function that cause Purpura
a- Thrombocytopenic Purpura
B- Thrombasthenic Purpura
C- Vascular Purpura

10_e. 11_ e. 12_ b. 13_b

14) defect in clotting factor IX cause Hemophilia type
a- A
B- B
C- C

15) Factors that depend on Vit k
a- ll
D- V

14_ b. 15_ a

True or false

1) phospholipid contains factor ll that has rule in clot formation

2) Homeostasis is stoppage of bleeding

3) platelet fusion is reversible fusion between platelets

4) Fibrinogin group needs Vit k to be activated

5) Ca is important in All steps of clot formation except 2 steps of Extrensic pathway

6) Scurvy cause Vascular Purpura

7) Hemophilia A due to defect in factor Vlll

8) Hemophilia is dominant disease

9) There is prolongation of clotting time and bleeding time in Vit k dificiency 10)Dicumarol antagonist
cause Vit K deficiency

11) hypo viscosity cause hyper coagubility

True or False answers

1_ False. Factor lll

2_ False.
ركز Hemostasis

3_ False. Irreversible
مش ھینفصلوا ابدا

4_False. Thrombin

5_False. Interinsic

6_ True

7 True

8_False. Recessive

9_False. Von willebrand disease

10_ False. Agonist
یعني بتعمل نفس التأثیر

11_False. Hyper viscosity