Toxicology, L24,25, Part2, Toxic Alcohol

 Toxicology, L24,25, Part2, Toxic Alcohol

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1. McEwen sign is present in massive intake of:

a. Barbiturate
b. Ethanol
c. Atropine
d. Imipramine

2. Slurred speech is present in acute poisoning of:

a. Atropine
b. Ethanol
c. Cannabis
d. Imipramine

3. In ethanol withdrawal, the following are present except:

a. Auditory hallucination
b. Tachycardia
c. Constricted pupil
d. Fever and sweating

4. Antidote for methyl alcohol is:

b. BAL
d. Ethyl alcohol

5. Green tongue syndrome occurs with:

a. Ethanol
b. Methanol
c. Ethylene glycol
d. All of the above

6. The target organ of methanol is:

a. Kidney
b. Liver
c. Optic nerve
d. Heart

7. Which one of the following has toxicity on optic nerve?

a. Ethanol
b. Methanol
c. Ethylene glycol
d. Isopropyl
e. Propylene glycol

8. Which one of the following is a toxic metabolite for methanol?

a. Acetic acid
b. Formic acid
c. Folic acid
e. Acetaldehyde

9. Which one of the following is used as antidote for methanol toxicity?

a. Flumazenil
b. Fomepizole
c. Antabuse
d. NAC
e. Atropine

10. Hemodialysis is indicated in methanol toxicity in case of:

a. Methanol level is less than 5 mg/l00ml
b. Format is less than 5mg/100mI
c. Acidosis responsive to bicarbonate
d. Visual impairment
e. Severe nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain

11. As regard methanol toxicity, which of the following statement is wrong:

a. Illicit alcohol production remains a global source of methanol poisoning.
b. The accumulation of formic acid is associated with the onset of clinical symptoms
c. Crystalluria is one of toxic features of poisoning.
d. Abnormal fundus examination present.

12. With regard to the alcohols which is false?

a. Methanol causes snow storm vision in severe intoxication
b. Ingestion of both methanol and ethylene glycol causes a metabolic acidosis with an increased anion gap.
c. Neither methanol Nor ethylene glycol are absorbed through the skin,
d. You might expect to find oxalate crystals in the urine of a patient who had an ethylene glycol overdose.

13. One of the following statements is false about blindness due to methanol poisoning:

a. Due to direct effect of formic acid.
b. Fomipezole, a specific alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor is helpful.
c. Ethanol is helpful to prevent blindness.
d. Gastric lavage is not helpful.

14. Visual disturbance due to methanol toxicity include the following signs except:

a. Diplopia and photophobia
b. Nystagmus and hyperemia of optic disc
c. Retinal edema and optic atrophy
d. Blurred vision and reactive dilated pupils

15. In methyl alcohol poisoning optic papillitis and retinal edema are occurred due to:

a. Formic acid production in the retina
b. Formaldehyde production in the retina
c. Acetaldehyde production in the retina
d. Acetic acid production in the retina

16. Ingestion of ethylene glycol induces nephrotoxicity within

a. 12-24 hours
b. 24-72 hours
c. 3-6 days
d. 6- 12 days

17. Which of the following does not represent a manifestation of ethylene glycol poisoning?

a. Nystagmus
b. abnormal optic fundus
c. Tachycardia and tachypnea
d. Sever hypotension

18. In diagnosis of ethylene glycol toxicity, the laboratory results include all the following except:

a. Leukocytosis
b. Hypocalcemia
c. Hypercalcemia
d. Serum ethylene glycol greater than 20mg/dL


1- b
2- b
3- c
4- d
5- b
6- c
7- b
8- b
9- b
10- d
11- c
12- c
13- a
14- d
15- b
16- b
17- b
18- c