L2 Asking a clinical questions , EBM

 Lecture Video

  1. Is research only a science   ( T/F)

  2.  the reason why evidence based health care are ………..except

  1. Information overload

  2. Too many problems

  3. plenty time to read

  4. Too many journals

  1. Avoid difficult issues is one of dependence of evidences of health care (T/F)

  2. EBM; It is an approach to health care practice in which the clinician is not sure about the evidence that bears on her / his clinical practice and the strength of that evidence.  (T/F)

  3. Steps of EBM are…………

  1. Ask /assess/appraise/apply/ acquire

  2. Ask /acquire/appraise/apply/ assess

  3. apply /acquire/assess/apply/ appraise

  4. appraise /acquire/ Ask /apply/ assess

  1. Cold compression presents which of PICO components?

  1. Patient/problem/population/participant.

  2. Intervention (exposure) / indicator.

  3. Comparison / control, (if relevant)

  4. Outcomes.


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