L5 NSAIDs,and acetaminophen

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1-About analgesics..all are true except :

a-Non-narcotic Analgesics include Paracetamol.
b-Non-narcotic Analgesics include (NSAIDs)
c-Narcotic Analgesics include Morphine
d-Narcotic Analgesics include opioids.
e- None of the above

2-all of these are true about cyclooxygenase enzymes except: 

a- COX-1 is constitutive in stomach
b- COX-2 is constitutive in kidney c- COX-2 is expressed by inflammatory mediators
d_Cox2 expressed in cns
e- Celecoxib is selective cox2 inhibitor

3-About aspirin all are true except :

a-Bound to albumin
b-better absorbed from the stomach
c-more absorbed from upper small intestine
d-not pass BBB
e-excreted Mainly renal

4-About aspirin all are false except:

a-Reversible inhibition of cox enzymes
b-Causes acidity of urine
c-Has antiinflammatory effect by intermediate dose
d- Has antipyretic effect by intermediate dose

5-all of these are true about aspirin except:

a_intermediate dose worsens gout
b- large dose treats gout
c-intermediate dose treats rheumatic fever
d- small dose for prophylaxis of MI

6-About Aspirin..all are true except :

a-Cause git irritation
b-Increase renal blood flow
c-Potentiate warfarin effect
d-Cause hypoprothrompinemia
e- None of the above

7-Aspirin contraindications include :

a- Teratogenic
b_Children < 12 y
c- HTN
d-G-6-P D deficieny 
e- All of the above

8-Aspirin interactions include all of the following except:

a-Displacement of warfarin, phenytoin→↑their effects
b-glucocorticoids ↑ Risk of gastic ulceration 
c- Antacids ↓ absorption
d- None of the above

9-all of these are true about Ibuprofen except:

 a- Can be used for fever in children
b-Increase incidence of adverse effects than other NSAIDs.
c-First-choice in inflammatory joint disease
d- Propionic acid derivatives

10-All of these are true about Celecoxib except:

a-Selective COX-2 inhibitors
b-Increase Progression of Alzheimer disease
c-Decrease Risk of colorectal cancer
d-Cause Nephrotoxici

True or false

1-Indomethacin is Acetic acid derivatives ( )
2-Ibuprofen is Propionic acid derivatives ( )
3-Intermediate dose of Aspirin causes metabolic acidosiS( )
4-toxic doses of Aspirin causes respiratory acidosis( )
5-Intermediate dose of Aspirin causes circulatory failure( )
6-Small dose of Aspirin inhibit platelet aggregation( )
7-Diflunisal is Salicylate derivative and more potent than aspirin ( )
8- T half of aspirin lower doses is 6h ( )
9-Piroxicam decrease risk of bleeding ( )
10-Diclofenac is More nephrotoxic ( )
11-Indomethacin has serious adverse effects as neuropathy and aplastic anemia ( )
12-PARACETAMOL has anti inflammatory action.( )
13-In PARACETAMOL toxicity we use glutathione for prevention of kidney damage.( )


MCQ answers

1_ E            2-  d            3- d          4- d  5_C      6- b       7- E       8-  d           9 -   b               10- b    

True or false answers

  1- (true)         2- (true)    3- (false) 4- (TRUE)  5-(false)  6-( TRUE) 7 - (TRUE)

8- (false) 9- (false) 10-(TRUE) 11- (TRUE) 12-(false) 13_(false)