Microbiology_CBL1, Leprosy and Cryptococcus

CBL1, Leprosy and Cryptococcus  

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1-Transmission of Leprosy depends on:
a.droplet infections
b.prolonged contact with patients with armadillo

2-The pathogenesis of Leprosy depends on all the following except:
a.Immune response
b.Toxin production
c.Intracellular replication
d.Nerve damage

3-Which of the following occurs in Lepromatous leprosy?
a.Trophic changes in limbs
b.Nodules in the skin

4-In which type of Leprosy we find granulation tissue infiltrating the nerve ?
a.Lepromatous leprosy
b.Tuberculoid leprosy
c.Mixed leprosy 

5-In which type of Leprosy we find predominant cell mediated immunity ?
a.Lepromatous leprosy
b.Tuberculoid leprosy
c.Mixed leprosy

6-In which type of Leprosy we find abundant bacilli and aggressive infection?
a.Tuberculoid leprosy
b.Lepromatous leprosy
c.Mixed leprosy

7-About Mycobacterium leprae , all of the following are true except: 
a.Arranged in masses intracellular
b.Stained by Z.N stain
c.Acid fast
d.Alcohol fast

8-About lepromin test, all of the following are true except:
a.Depends on cell mediated immunity
b.False positive in lepromatous leprosy
c.Intradermal test

9-About prevention and treatment of leprosy, which is false?
a.We use Sulphones
b.We use vaccines
c.We should put patients in closed colonies
d.We should use drug combination

10-About Cryptococcus, all of the following are true except
a.Causes deep mycoses
b.Capsulated Filamentous fungi
c.Pigeon feces is the main source of infection

11-About Cryptococcus infection , Which is false?
a.infection occurs by inhalation
b.Causes cryptococcal meningitis in all patients
c.Fatal unless treated

12-Cryptococcus under microscope , which is false?
a.stained by Indian ink
b.Appear Black on white background
c.Appear with buds and wide capsule
d.Gram positive

13-CSF in cryptococcal meningitis:
a.Decreased lymphocytes
b.Slightly turbid
c.High glucose
d.Decreased proteins

14-Culture of Cryptococcus, which is false?
a.On Sabouraud's agar
b.Media contain cycloheximide
c.Creamy, mucoid, shiny
d.Urease positive


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