Ophthalmology, L45,46, Neuro-ophthalmology

  Ophthalmology, L45,46, Neuro-ophthalmology

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1- All of the following are components of the visual pathway except:

a. optic radiations

b. optic nerve

c. pretactal nucleus

d. lateral geniculate body

2- Fibers carrying image from upper half of the retina in the optic radiations pass in:

a. occipital lobe

b. parietal lobe

c. frontal lobe

d. temporal lobe

3- Area .... is responsible for perception of light, while area...&..... are responsible for recognition & recall.

a. 17, 18 & 19

b. 1, 2&3

c. 20, 21&22

d. 33, 34&40

4- Island of blindness surrounded by area of normal vision is:

a. concentric contraction

b. scotoma

c. telescopic vision

d. sectorial field defect

5- Centrocecal scotoma is characteristic of: 

a. chronic glaucoma

b. papillidema

c. dessiminated choroiditis

d. tobacco amblyopia

6- A lesion affecting the left optic tract causes:

a. ipsilatetal complete blindness

b. bitemporal hemianopia

c. left homonymous hemianopia

d. right homonymous hemianopia

7- All of the following are components of near reflex except:

a. mydriasis

b. convergence

c. accommodation

d. miosis

8- Horner syndrome occurs due to lesion in:

a. optic nerve

b. sympathetic

c. parasympathetic

d. pretactal nucleus

9- All of the following are causes of mydriasis except:

a. 2nd stage of anasthesia

b. atropine

c. lll CN palsy

d. Argyl-Robertson pupil

10- Adie's pupil is characterized by:

a. tonic pupil

b. constricted pupils

c. normal speed of constriction

d. symmetrical accommodation

11- Marcus gunn pupil is diagnosed by:

a. cocaine 4-10% test

b. hydroxy-amphetamine 1%test

c. swinging flash light test

d. pilocarpine 0.1% test

12- Equal size of pupils occurs in:

a. afferent lesions

b. efferent lesions

c. motor lesions

d. iris lesions