Pathology, L4 , Valvar heart diseases


 L4 , Valvar heart diseases, pathology 

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1-Which of the following is the commonest disorder of all valve :

Mitral stenosis
Pulmonary stenosis
Aortic stenosis
Mitral incompetence

2-The only chamber not affected by Mitral Stenosis is : 

a-Left atrium

b-Right ventricle

c-Right atrium

d-Left ventricle

3-Button hole appearance can be seen in which of the following : 

a-Aortic incompetence

b-Mitral incompetence

c- stenosis

d-Mitral stenosis

4-Which of the following is considered a complication of Mitral stenosis :

 a-Atrial thrombosis

b-Lung infarcts  

c-Subacute infective endocarditis

d-All of the above

5-Left ventricle is hypertrophied and dilated can be seen mainly in :

a- stenosis

b-Pulmonary stenosis

c-Mitral incompetence

d-Mitral stenosis

T or F:

6-Congenital mitral stenosis can be result as a complication of rheumatic fever

7-Floppy valve syndrome can be a cause of mitral incompetence

8-Aortic stenosis can result in marfan syndrome patient

9-Pulmonary hypertension can be a cause of pulmonary stenosis

10-Cerebral vessels can be affected in mitral stenosis

11-Syphilitic aortitis can lead to aortic incompetence


1-a  6-F

2-d. 7-T

3-d. 8-F

4-d. 9-F

5-a. 10-T