Pharma, L7 , Antiparkinsonian drugs

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1-All the following drugs can cause Parkinsonism except

A) Reserpine
B) Methyldopa
C) Propranolol
D) Haloperidol

2-In Parkinson disease the following con be present except:

C) Monotonous speech
D) Lead pipe rigidity

3-Antiparkinsonian Drugs aim to:

A) Increase cholenergic neurons activity
B) Decrease dopamenrgic neurons activity
C) Restore DA/Ach balance
D) None of the above

4-all the following is dopamenergic drugs except:

A) Levodopa
B) Amantadine
C) Benzohexol
D) Selegilline

5-In Drug induced Parkinsonism best used drug is:

A) entacapone
B) carpidopa
C) capergolline
D) benztropine

6-anticholenergic drugs are highly effective in treating:

A) dystonia
B) bradykinesia
C) tremors
D) memory loss

7-side effect of benzehexol is:

A) urine retention
B) memory loss esp in old age
C) dry mouth
D) all of the above

8- Best time to intake carbidopa is:

A) After meals
B) Before meals
C) With meals
D) Any time

9- Carbidopa is contraindicated in :

A) peptic ulcer
B) atrial fibrillation
C) old age
D) a+b

10- to reduce nausea and vomiting caused by leve dopa,give:

A) Haloperidol
B) Domperidone
C) adrenaline
D) nefidipine

11-drug can be used in emergency of parkinsonism:

A) Carpidopa
B) Dopamine
C) Bromocriptine
D) L-carnitine

12-livido reticularis is side effect of:

A) Levo dopa
B) Selegolline
C) Pramixole
D) Amantadine

13-to decrease On-off effect of carpidopa we can use with it :

A) Selegolline
B) Rosagolline
C) Entacapone
D) All of the above

14- Young patient with mild parkinsonism symptom you can give him:

A) Benzehexol
B) Levo dopa
C) Ropinirole
D) Selegolline

15-Best diet for parkinsonian patient is:

A) Diet rich in vit b6
B) High protein diet
C) Diet rich in fibers
D) Any type of diet

16-drug can be used in AD is:

A) Nasal insulin
B) SC insulin
C) IV insulin
D) None of the above

True or False

1-benztropine preferred in parkinsonian patient with enlarged prostate.

2-carbidopa is the first line for ttt of mild Parkinson symptom.

3-end of dose akinesia is due to loss of carpdopa effect before the next dose.

4-parkeinson patient can take the usual antipsychotic drugs.

5-bromocriptin can cause cardiac fibrosis.

6-rosagillene is less potent than selegolline.

7-fulminant hepatic necrosis can complicate amantadine administration.

8-AD is caused decrsease deposition of beta aayloid plaques in cerebral cortex.

9- Revastagmine can delay the progression of AD.

10-memantine increase Ca++ influx into neurons so decrease glutamate induced ecxito-toxicity.


1- Side effect of carpidopa

2- Precautions that can be taken to decreas flactuations of carpidopa

3- Nutritional care of parkinsonian patient

4- Side effect of D2 agonists

5- Other line if drug can be used in AD pateint

6- Why anticholinergic drugs best used in antipsychosis induced Parkinsonism

MCQ Answers

1- (C)
2- (A)
3- (C)
4- (C)
5- (D)
6- (C)
7- (D)
8- (B) (as absorbed rapidly from the small intestine (when empty of Food)
9- (D)
10- (B)
11- (C)
12- (D)
13- (D)
14- (D) (DA agonist)
15- (C)
16- (A)

True and false Answers

2-false (as better reserved till symptoms become troublesome.
7- false(telcapone)