L3, lower respiratory tract infections, micro

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All of the following are true about strept pneumoniae except:
  1. Gram positive diplococci

  2. Classified to 90 types according to their toxin

  3. Quelling Reaction is used for its typing

  4. They are normal inhabitants of upper respiratory tract

Virulence factor of strept pneumoniae is
  1. Toxin

  2. Capsule

  3. Pili

  4. Bacteriocins 

All are true about diagnosis of strept pneumoniae except
  1. Cultured on blood agar with 10% Co2  

  2. Optochin resistance

  3. Soluble in bile

  4. It gives alpha hemolysis

Which is more effective in prevention of pneumococcai ?
  1. Capsular Polysaccharide vaccines

  2. Protein conjugate vaccines

  3. Both

All is true about klebsiella pneumoniae except
  1. Has Polysaccharide Capsule 

  2. Gram negative motile bacilli

  3. Lactose ferminting bacteria

  4. Cause fatal lobar pneumonia

Which is false about diagnosis of klebsiella?
  1. Pink mucoid colonies on Macconkey agar

  2. Ferment sugars ( glucose, maltose, sucrose) with acid only

  3. Indol test negative

  4. Citrate utilization test positive

Which can cause UTI ?
  1. Strept pneumoniae

  2. Klebsiella

  3. Anthrax

  4. Yesenia

Which is true about morphology of anthrax?
  1. Gram negative rods with square ends

  2. Has polypeptide capsule only in the body

  3. Spores are central, oval, bulge

  4. In McFadyen reaction, the body is stained purple while capsule is stained blue

About disease of anthrax...
  1. Called wool sorters ds

  2. Come from contact with animals

  3. Caused by its powerful exotoxin which cause edema and necrosis to cell

  4. Leads to hemorrhagic pneumonia

  5. All of the above

Which is false About diagnosis of anthrax?
  1. On blood agar it gives Medusa head colonies

  2. Voges Proskaur test negative

  3. On gelatin, it gives inverted fire tree

  4. In Ascoli test, it gives ring of precipitate

Which is false about B/ R of Yesenia Pestis?

A- not change milk

B- Catalase positive

C- Indole Positive

D- Glucose fermentation with acid only

Which is not virulence factor of Yersinia pestis?

A- Coagulase

B- Pili

C- Endotoxin

D- Exotoxin

Reservoir of plague is ...

A- Man

B- Wild Rodent

C- Xenopsylla

D- house rats

Bubo caused by Yersinia haemorrhagic infection in .

A- Blood


C- Lung

D- Site of bite

Spread of plague from blood into lung can cause ...

A- 1ry pneumonia

B- 2ry pneumonia

C- Septicaemia

D- Bubo


  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B
  6. B
  7. B
  8. B
  9. E
  10. B
  11. B
  12. B
  13. B
  14. B
  15. B