L6 , Viral respiratory tract infections 2

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1-A patient presents with kerato conjunctivitis.
The differential diagnosis should include
Infection with which of the following viruses?
a. Parvovirus.
B. Adenovirus.
.d. RSV

2- Concerning the structure of adenovirus all
are true except:
A Enveloped virus.
b. Double stranded DNA virus.
c. lcosahedral symmetry.
d. Medium sized (70-90nm).

3- Adenoviruses have a pronounced affinity for:
a. Mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.
b. Mucous membrane of the G.I.T.
c. Conjunctiva.
d. Lymphoid tissue
e. All of the above.

4- SARS is caused by:
a) Rhino V.
b) Corona V.
c) RSV
d) Adeno V

5-All are characters of Corona V.Except:
a) SS RNA virus
b) causes common cold
c) Can grow easily in tissue culture
d) Can grow in organ culture (tracheal ring)

6-Rhino virus cause invasion of blood stream ( )

7- Serology is used in rhino virus ( )

8-Immunity and recovery of rhino virus is due to production of IGg and interferon ( )

9- Adeno virus is used in gene therapy ( )

10- Diagnosis of recent infection of adeno virus
require presence of
a) Igm
b) Rising titre of Igg
c) IgA
d) Both a & b


1- B
2- A
3- E
4- B
5- C
6- ×
7- ×
8- ×
9- ✓
10- D