Pathology, L3 ,The pathology of pulmonary microbial infection

 L3 ,The pathology of pulmonary microbial infection,pathology 

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1) The following are types of lung abscess:

a- Post pneumonic.

b- Inhalation.


d- Post obstructive.

e- All of the above.

2) Lung abscess can be caused by which one of the following:

a Infected hydatid cys.

b- Actinomycosis.

Infected amebic abscess.

d- None of the above.

e- All of the above.

3) All of the following are true about lung abscess except:

a- Blood spread leads to meningitis and brain abscess.

b- Small abscesses heal by organization and fibrosis.

cAmyloidosis is one of its complications.

d- Most complicate inspite of antimicrobial therapy.

e None of the above.

4) All the following are local complications of lobar pneumonia except:

a- Empyema.

b- Lung abscess.

c- Otitis media.

d- Lumg fibrosis.

e Pericarditis.

5) Which of the following are general complications of pneumonia:

a- Peritonitis.

b- Septicemia.


d- Otitis media.

e All of the above

Answers : e – e – d – c – e