Pharma, L2 , Antituberculous drugs

 L2 , Antituberculous drugs , Pharma

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1-Tick the antimycobacterial drug belonging to first-line agents:


B. Isoniazid

C. Kanamycin

D. Rifabutin

2-Tick the antimycobacterial drug, belonging to second-line agents:

A. Isoniazid


C. Rifampicin

D. Streptomycin

3-Tick the antimycobacterial drug-hydrazide of isonicotinic acid:

A. Rifampicin

B. Isoniazid

C. Ethambutol

D. Pyrazinamide

4-Mechanism of Izoniazid action is:

A. Inhibition of protein synthesis

B. Inhibition of mycolic acids synthesis

C. Inhibition of RNA synthesis

D. Inhibition of ADP synthesis

- Mechanism of Rifampin action is:

A. Inhibition of mycolic acids synthesis

B. Inhibition of DNA dependent RNA polymerase

C. Inhibition of topoisomerase II

D. Inhibition of cAMP synthesis

6-Mechanism of Cycloserine action is:

A. Inhibition of mycolic acids synthesis

B. Inhibition of RNA synthesis

C. Inhibition of cell wall synthesis

D. Inhibition of pyridoxalphosphate synthesis

7-Isoniazid has following unwanted effect:

A. Cardiotoxicity

B. Hepatotoxicity, peripheral neuropathy

C. Loss of hair

D. Immunotoxicity

8-Ethambutol has the following unwanted effect:

A. Cardiotoxicity

B. Immunetoxicity

C. Retrobulbar neuritis with red-green color blindness

D. Hepatotoxicity

9-All of the following agents are the first line antimycobacterial drugs, EXCEPT:

A. Rifampin

B. Pyrazinamide

C. Isoniazid

D. Kanamycin

10-The drug which is metabolized by acetylation is:

(A) Rifampicin

(B) Ethambutol

(C) Dapsone

(D) Isoniazid

11-Which of the following is TRUE regarding multi drug therapy (MDT) of tuberculosis:

(A) Continuous phase is Isoniazid + Rifampicin+pyrazinamide for 2 months

(B) Initial phase is Isoniazid + Rifampicin for 4 months

(C) Initial phase is Isoniazid + Rifampicin + Pyrazinamide + Ethambutol for 2 months

(D) Continuous phase is Dapsone + Rifampicin for 6 months

12- A 25-year-old female is under DOT treatment for tuberculosis. She reports that she has blurred vision and unable differentiate red and green color. Which of the following drug is likely to produce above effects:

(A) Isoniazid

(B) Rifapentine

(C) Pyrazinamide

(D) Ethambutol

13- Select the WRONG combination of drug and side effect:

(A) Isoniazid, optic neuritis

(B) Rifampin, orange-red tinge

(C) Capreomycin, ototoxicity

(D) Pyrazinamide, gout

14- Anti TB drug cause Orange Red Color Urine: 

(A) Rifampin

(B) Pyrazinamide

(C) Isoniazid

(D) Streptomycin

st Line Anti TB Drug is: 15- 1

(A) Ethambutol

(B) Kanamycin

(C) Capreomycin

(D) Cycloserine

Line Anti TB Drug is: 16- 2nd

(A) Kanamycin

(B) Linezolid

(C) Cycloserine

(D) All

Isoniazid Metabolized by 17-

(A) Methylation

(B) Gama Carboxylation

(C) Acetylation

(D) Oxidation

Anti TB Drug also used to treat Leprosy is: 18-


(B) Rifabutin

(C) Pyrazinamide

(D) Ethambutol

19- Ant mycobacterial agent NOT absorbed orally:


(B) Streptomycin

(C) Rifampicin

(D) Ethambutol 

20- TB Multi drug regimens are given to:

(A) Prevent resistance

(B) Prevent side effects

(C) Broad Spectrum

(D) None


B (2) B (3) B (4) B(1)

(5) B (6) C (7) B (8) C

9) D (10) D (11) C

(12) D (13) A (14) A (15) A

(16) D (17) C (18) A (19) B (20) A