Physiology, L5 Gas diffusion and blood flow to the lung, regional differences.

 L5 Gas diffusion and blood flow to the lung, regional differences , physiology 

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1) Pulmonary membrane consist of:

a) double layer of alveolar epithelial cells.

b) capillary endothelium membrane.

c) no alveolar basement membrane.

d) non of above.

2) Regarded surface area one of the following is false:

a) the surface area increased by opening of the closed capillaries in muscular exercise.

b) it's directly proportional with gas diffusion.

c) total surface area approximately 30 m*2

d) emphysema decrease surface area.

3) One of the following is incorrect :

a) normal thickness of pulmonary membrane is .6 microns.

b) pulmonary edema increased gas diffusion.

c) Fibrosis increase thickness of pulmonary membrane.

d) all respiratory gases are lipid soluble.

4) According to pressure gradient of gases across pulmonary membrane one of the following is correct:

a) It's Inversely proportional with gas diffusion.

b) O2 partial pressure is 100mmHg in pulmonary artery.

c) Co2 partial pressure in alveoli is 46 mmHg.

d) O2 partial pressure in venous blood is 40 mmHg.

5) According to V/Q ratio one of the following is correct:

a) V/Q ratio in upper zone of the lung ( zoneI) increased to 3.3 .

b) V/Q ratio in lower zone of the lung ( zone III ) decreased to .6 .

c ) all of above.

d) non of above.

6) According to V/Q ratio all of the following is correct except:

a) thrombus in pulmonary artery branch lead to decrease V/Q ratio.

b) area with Normal ventilation and decreased perfusion results in alveolar dead space.

c) area with Normal perfusion and decreased ventilation results in shunt effect.

d) air way obstruction lead to decrease in V/ Q ratio.

7) one of the following is incorrect:

a) pulmonary membrane is formed of alveolar, capillary part & between them interstitial tissue.

b) lipid solubility directly proportional with gas diffusion.

c) lipid solubility of O2 is more than co2.

d) old age may lead to decrease gas diffusion.

Answer :

1) b

2) c

3) b

4) d

5) c

6) a

7) c