Physiology, L8 , Hypoxia and cyanosis

 L8 , Hypoxia and cyanosis, physiology 

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(1)All of the following provides adequate o2 supply to the tissue except

Normal blood flow(a)

Normal Po2 in arterial blood(b)

Low level of functioning HB(c)

Ability of the tissue to utilize 02(d)


(2) Which of the following Cause of hypoxic hypoxia

Increase PO2 in inspired air(a)


Normal gas exchange ©

Arteriovenous shunt (d


(3)which of the following is considered as a Character of hypoxic hypoxia

A)Decrease Po2 tension in arterial & venous blood

B(Decrease. 02 content in arterial & venous blood

Decrease notiarutas c)

All is correct D)

Answer: D

4) To Treat patient with co poisoning

A)immediate removal from the atmosphere Contaminated CO

B)Artificial respiration

C)blood transfusion

D) All of the following


5)which of the following is considered as a Character of

Stagnant HYPOXIa

 A)O2 tension in arterial blood is decreased but in venous blood it is normal

Decreased saturation is B)o2

There is cyanosis.c)

D) O2 content in arterial blood is normal but in venous blood it is decreased

Answer: C

 6)hypoxia is Hypoxia due to

A)stagnation of blood

B)Decrease Amount of Hb available to carry oxygen

C)Decrease 02 in the tissue due to decrease o2 in blood

D)inability of the tissue to utilize 02.


7)Defin Factors affecting cyanosis?

• Amount of reduced Hb

 Skin pigmentation: cyanosis is difficult to be seen in black persons. 

• Thickness of the skin: cyanosis is most apparent in thin skin areas, e.g. lips

And nail beds

 State of the capillaries: V.D of the capillaries increases the depth of cyanosis