Pract 1, Team building, group and public communication, Community

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The importance of team building in your opinion?

a. Makes you less responsible
b. group has different targets
c. Does not Encourage you to be initiative
d. Provide space for individual growth

The result is (D)

Regarding the values of the team, all true except:

a. It should be clear
b. you can break it ,cause it is not yours
c. You should respect it
d. You can discuss it with the leader

The result is (B)

Qualities of a good leader,all true except

a. Free up the skills of all good members
b. Develop individual
c. Criticize and measure the individual results
d. No need to motivate the members if they are good

 The result is (D)

The body language is considered

a. Verbal communication
b. Virtual communication
c. Nonverbal communication

 The result is ©

To be a public speaker, all are true except

a. you can not be alone in front of audience
b. you should not talk too quietly
c. You have to engage with your audience
d. You should practice a lot before presentation

The result is (A)

To be a public speaker you should also be

a. Informative
b. Entertainer
c. Persuasive
d. All of the that

The result is (D)

Things you should not do in public communication

a. Plan appropriately
b. Put your hands out of your pockets
c. Talk too slow
d. Cope with nerves

The result is (c)

The good strategy

a. Has unclear value
b. You are more free, no rules in it
c. Known risks and opportunities
d. There is NO categorizations

The result is (c)