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1.Leptomninges is

A. Dura mater
B. Arachnoid mater
C. Pia matar
D. B&c

2. Falx separate between

A. Cerebral hemisphere
B. Medalla and pons
C. Cerebral and cerebellum

3. Spaces normally present

A. Epi dural
B. Subarachnoid
C. Subdural

4. formed by dense, interlacing bundles of collagen in which flattened Fibroblasts are embedded.

A. Pia
B. Arachnoid
C. Dura

5. Space contain csf

A. Epidural
B. Subdural
C. Subarachnoid

6. pia mater separates

A. Dura and arachnoid
B. Periosteal and meningial
C. subarachnoid space and Perivascular spaces

7. the main structural component of the blood brain barrier.

A. Endothelial junction
B. Glial cells
C. Basement membrane

8. The choroid plexus is a tuft of capillaries Covered by

A. Bi cuboidal
B. Pseudo Stratified squamous
C. Flat cell

9. Csf production Start in

A. 3 ventricle
B. Central canal
C. Lateral ventricles

10. . The lining Of the brain’s ventricles is

A. Choroid plexus
B. Ependymal cells
C. Flat cells

Ture or False

1.Arachnoid granulations are larger than villi?

2.Dura mater of the spinal cord is separated from each other ?

3.Epidural space normally present?

4.Pial aspect of arachnoid smoother than dural?

5.Dura consists of mesothelium (simple squamous epithelium) covering its outer surface and fine C.T ?

6.The periosteal and meningeal dura always attached?

7.cytoplasm of these endothelial cells of BBB have the fenestrations ?

8.Pia is attached directly to brain tissue?

9.Arachnoid doesn’t share in csf circulation?

10.Choroid plexus synthesize the components of the cerebrospinal ?

MCQ answers

1.D                       6.C

2.A                       7.A

3.B                       8.A

4.C                       9.C

5.C                      10.B

True or false answers

1.T                        6.F

2.T                       7.F

3.F                        8.F

4.F                        9.F

5.F                       10.T