L2 , Types of sampling , Community

 L2 , Types of sampling , Community

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T or F

1- sample takes a long time and not reliable ( )

2- Purposive Sampling is a type of probability sample ( )

3- sample with replacement mean no element can be selected more than once ( )

4- probability sampling is more than zero ( )


1/ Which sample is an example of two stages sampling and use when population are large

a- stratified Random Sampling

b - Cluster Sampling

c- simple random sample

2/ sample in which the first unit is chosen randomly
a- Simple random sample

b- convenience sample

c- Systematic random sample

3/ sample used when population is small, homogeneous,and has equal probability of selection

a- cluster sampling

b- simple random sample

c- Systematic random sample

4/ Representation is likely to be an issue in

a- simple random sample

b- quota sampling

c- Convenience sample

d- cluster sampling

5/ Every element in the population has a chance to be selected

a- representation

b- generalization

c- probability sampling


T or F 

1- F
2- F
3- F
4- T


B / 1
C / 2
B / 3
D / 4
C / 5