L5,6 Pharmacodynamics, pharma


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question Group 1 : Put " True " or " False " on the following questions :

1- Pectin used in treatment of constipation
2- Colchicine ( anticancer drug ) MOA is neutralization of hyperacidity
3- Gs protein stimulate cAMP on α 2 receptor
4- Insulin receptors has itself activity
5- Partial agonist have rapid dissociation


1- F
2- F
3- F
4- T
5- F

question Group 2 : choose the correct answer of a,b,c and d :

1- Sulfanomide mechanism of action is :
a- adsorption of toxins
b- interference with metabolic pathways
c- inhibition of enzymes
d- block cell division
answer : b
2- Which of the following drugs used for treatment of Cancers :
a- Kaolin
b- acetylcholine
c- cytotoxic drugs
d- neostigmine
answer : c
3- Receptor is :
a- protein in nature
b- stimulated by antagonist
c- blocked by agonist
d- all of the above
answer : a
4- Which of the following causes decrease in Immuno Globulin (Abs ) :
a- immaturity of BBB
b- Depression in renal excretion
c- lower total plasma protein levels
d- immaturity hepatic microsomal enzymes
answer : c
5- A 25 years old female came the last week with sever fever 40 Co and dry cough with lose of taste and smell PCR confirmed it diagnosed with SARS – COV – 2 ( COVID – 19 ) . She treated with mild Egyptian protocol of COVID -19. She has a breastfed baby . Which of the following drug should be removed from the treatment :
a- Anti – Viral ( Avipiravir )
b- Antibiotic ( Moxifloxacin )
c- Anticoagulant ( Rivaroxiban )
d- Anti – inflammatory ( Paracetamol )
answer : c
6- During labour , which of the following drugs should be avoided :
a- morphine
b- salicylate
c- uterine stimulant
d- all of the above
answer : a
7- At night , Which of the following drugs should be avoided :
a- CVS stimulant
b- CNS stimulant
c- CNS depression
d- both a and b
answer : d