Para , part 3 ,Dermatophagoids and space occupying lesions

L3 ,Dermatophagoids and space occupying  lesions ,para

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1/ Dermatophagoids & space occupying lesions  The infective stage of entamoeba histolytica is....?

A\ Trophozoite
 B\ Pre Cyst
C\  Egg
 D\ Four nucleated cyst.

2/ The diagnosis of amoebic lung abscess is all of the following except.……?

A\ Serologic test
B\ Eosinophilia
C\ Detecting trophozoite in aspirate
D\ Radiological examination

3/ The intermediate host of hydatid cyst is……?

A\ Man
B\ Dogs
C\ Rates
D\ Fish.

4/ The mode of infection in hydatid cyst is ingestion of…..?

A\ Trophozoite
B\ Cercariae
C\ Eggs
D \ Cyst.

5/ ..The treatment of Dermatophagoids is.....?

A\ Praziquantel
B\ Mebendazol
C\ Noclosamide
D\ Symptomatic treatment. 

6/ Hydatid cyst is caused by the…..? 

      a- Ameoba .
      b- Echinococcus granulosus.
      c- mites.
    d- loa loa.                 

7) The definitive Host of hydatid cyst is.....?

          a- fish
          b- Dogs
          C- man
          d- non of above

8) The diagnostic stage of Dermatophagoids is......?

          a-Radiologic test
          b-serologic test
          c-skin prick test
          d- Eosinophilia 

9) Amoebic lung abscess is caused by the.....? 

           a) mites
           b) Entamoeba histolytica
           c) Echinococcus granulosus
           d) all of above

10) Which of the following is control of house dust mites....?

           a) minimize house hold humidity.
           b) wear mask when cleaning.
           C)use mite_proof.
           d) All of the above.

11) which of the following is the cause of house dust allergy....?

          a) Entamoeba histolytica.
          b) Dermatophagoids.
          c) Echinococcus granulosus.
          d) paragonimus westermani.

12) which of the following is clinical picture of amoebic lung abscess....?

          a) sneezing.
           b) pruritus
           C) stuffy nose
           d) anchovy sauce _liked pus.

     13) the house dust mites are ....?

               a) Helminthes.
               b) protozoan.
               c) Arthropods.
         d) non of the above.


1- d)
2- b)
3- a)
4- c)
5- d)
6- b)
          7- b) 
8- c)
9- b)
10- d)
11- b)
12- d)
13- c)