Patho, L10, Pulmonary neoplasia 2

 L10, Pulmonary neoplasia 2,patho

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Complete :-

1/ Blood vessel in Solitary fibrous tumor looks like (Deer horn).

2/ Main character of Solitary fibrous tumor is (Cystic Degeneration).

3/ Shaggy bread and butter aperance is charac to ( Sero fibrinous pleuricy)

4/ Pockets of pus is found in(Empyemia)

5/ Hydrothorax is accumulation of fluid of ( trasduate) ركز

6/ General causes of hemothorax ( Hhpertension + decrease vit c, k)

7/ Pneumothorax result from Rupture of (emphysematos Bullae) 

8/ Inflamation of pleura called(Pleuricy) 

9/ Fluid in Pleural cavity(Hydrothorax) 

10/ Blood in Pleural cavity(Hemothorax) 

11/ Air in Pleural cavity( Pneumothorax) 

12/ Solitary fibrous tumor occur in (Middle age) 

13/ Malignant methothelioma occur in (old age) 

14/ In Solitary fibrous tumor cells are (Spindle) shaped with ( collagenous) background

15/ Malignant methothelioma Arises from ( Visceral or parietal layer). 

16/ Smoking only can cause (Bronchogenic Carcinoma) 

17/ In Malignant methothelioma epitheliod type has (Abundent eisinophlic cytoplasm, cells arranged in tubule, papillary or solid sheets). 

18/ Sarcomatoid cells are ( Noduler, highly celluler with Spindle Shape cell) 

19/ Local causes of hemothorax (Rupture of aortic aneurysm, Trauma of lung, severe inflamation of pleura, Malignant tumors of lung) 

20/ Amyloidosis can complicate(Empyemia) 

True or false 

Asbestos only can cause Malignant methothelioma (T) 

Smoking only can cause Malignant methothelioma (F)

Both Asbestos and Smoking cause Malignant methothelioma (T) 

Hydrothorax is accumulation of fluid of Exudate(F) 

Rupture of aortic aneurysm is Generalized cause of Hemothorax (F) 

Malignant methothelioma is almost always biphasic (F) 

Hemothorax may be comlicat by Empyemia (T) 

Malignant methothelioma is biphasic tumor (T) 

Solitary fibrous tumor is rapeadly growing painful tumor (F). 

Solitary fibrous tumor is a Malignant tumor(T)