L 12, Medicolegal aspect of pregnancy, abortion and delivery

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1)Probable signs of pregnancy include the following, except

a) enlarged breasts with dark areolae.
b) striaegravidarum in the middle line of abdominal wall and
lineanigra on the sides.
c) softening of the cervix.
d) dark pigmentation of vulval mucosa.

2. Breast changes of pregnancy are

a) obvious late at the 7th month of pregnancy.
b) they include the appearance of Montgomery's follicles
around them.
c) they are of diagnostic value in multigravida.
d) enlargement of them with increased vascularity

3. Palpation of fetal movement is at

a) 8 weeks.
b) 10 weeks.
c) 20 weeks.
d) 28 weeks.

4). The period of gestation is the following, except

a) 40 weeks.
b) 280 days.
c) 15 menstrual cycles.
d) 9 months.

5). Fetal heart sounds are of the following, except

a) 120 beast/ minute.
b) of tic-tac rhythm.
c) they can be heard at about 20 weeks
d) they can be heard at the beginning of the 7th month.

6). Ultrasonography detecting the following, except

a) the sex of the fetus.
b) the period of gestation from the 10th week.
c) the fetal malformation.
d) the intrauterine fetal death.

7). Spalding's sign is manifested by the following,Except

a) generalized softening of the fetal bones.
b) over moulding of skull bones.
c) flattening of the chest.
d) hyperflexion of the spine.

8). At autopsy, diagnosis of pregnancy can be from.

a) the arbor vitae of cervical mucosa.
b) the length of the uterus which is 3 inches.
c) the length and weight of the uterus.
d) the triangular cavity of the uterus.

9). The length of the uterus can be determined from as follows,except

a) it is equal to the 4th or 5th month plus 2
 b) it is equal to the 6th or 7th month plus 3
c) it is equal to 2nd or 3rd month plus 3.
d) it is equal to 8th or 9th month plus 4.

10). Hegar's sign shows the following, except:

a) hardening of the cervix which appears as a cartilage
b) softening of the isthmus of the uterus.
c) compressibility of the cervix from above downwards.
d) that it appears in early pregnancy (at 2nd month).

11). Fetal soufflé is characterized by the following, except

a) it is a soft, blowing auscultatory murmur.
b) it is heard over pregnant uterus
c) it is due to pulsation of blood through compressed uterine
d) it is supposed to be due to compression of umbilical cord

12). Homologous artificial insemination can be recommended in the following cases, except

a) impotence.
b) dyspareunia or vaginismus.
c) azoospermia or anovulation.
d) hostile vaginal discharg

13). After delivery, the uterus sinks to be at the level of pubis at the end of the

a) 1st week.
b) 2nd week.
c) 1st month.
d) 6th week.

14). After delivery, the corpus luteum regresses within

a) 4 weeks.
b) 2 weeks.
c) 4 months.
d) 2 months.

15). After delivery, external cervical os

a) Immediately admits 3 fingers.
b) admits 2 fingers after 1 weeks.
c) admits 1 finger after 10 days.
d) is closed after 2 weeks.