L 5, Hydrocarbons, Toxicology

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 circumstances of toxicity :
 يعني القصة وراء التسمم وازاي حصل
 1) 1- اول حاجة في الأطفال وغالبا الأطفال اللي اقل من 5 سنين ازازيز المنظفات اللي بيبقى فيها hydrocarbons او اي من مشتقاتها الطفل غير مدرك انها سامة وبما أنه بيحب يستكشف بيبلعها
يبقى هنا التسمم عامل ازاي
Ingestion And unintentional غير مقصود

2- تاني حاجة العمال اللي بيتعرضوا لمشتقات ال hydrocarbons في عملهم بيبقى عن طريق ال dermal وال inhalation وغالبا بتبقى chronic( كميات صغيرة على فترات طويلة)

3- Adolescent المراهقين
هنا بقا بيبقى واعي وقاصد التسمم suicidal سواء عن 
طريق ال ingestion او self- burn


1-The most important and common complication of kerosene poisoning:

 a. Acute hepatic failure
  b. Bronchopneumonia 
 c. Acute renal failure 
 d. kerosene encephalopathy

 2-In kerosene poisoning (all are true except): 

 a) Episode of coughing and chocking occurs shortly after ingestion  
B) Coma and seizures are common with large dose
 C) Gastric emptying is always indicated 
 D) Emergency stabilization of ABCs important line in treatment 

 3-Referred to decontamination after kerosene ingestion, all are true except

  a. Gastric lavage is indicated in both mild and severe ingestion.
 b. Gastric lavage better done after cuffed endotracheal tube.
 c. Syrup of ipecac is better to be avoided. 
 d. Charcoal is not effective. 

 4-Kerosene poisoning induces the following except
a) Sensitizing the heart to the circulating catecholamine's
  b)Decreasesthepermeability of vascular endothelium
  C) Increase the susceptibility of cardiac dysthymia
  D) Leads to leakage of plasma and blood into the alveoli.

True and false 

1-Gastric lavage absolutely contraindicated in case of kerosene toxicity. 

 2-Gastro intestinal absorption of kerosene is mainly responsible for its toxicity. 

 3-Gastric lavage and activated charcoal have a limited role in kerosene ingestion. 

 4-The lung is the primary target organ of kerosene ingestion. 



1- B
2- C 
3- A 
4- B 

True and false