L1, food pyramids and diet planning, community

 L1, food pyramids and diet planning, community

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1- Sara ate broccoli (10 calories, 9mg sodium, 13 mg calcium , 89mg potassium) instead of chips (150 calories, 180 mg sodium, 0 calcium, 0 potassium) 
This principle is called ......

a- Adequacy

b- Variety

c- Density 

d- Control

2-Fats represent ...... of our daily intake .

a- 10-35%    

b- 10-20%

c- 20-35%

d- 20-45%

3-Total amount of fruits\day are...

a- 6-11 servings

b- 2-4 servings

c- 3-5 servings d- sparingly

4- Cycling is one of the physical activities that should be practiced......

a- every day 

b- 3-5 times a week

c- 2-3 times a week

d- as little as possible

5- Fruits and vegetables represents one third (1/3) of the healthy eating plate  

a- True

 b- False

6- .......of your grains should be whole grains .

a- All

b- 1/2

c- 1/3

d- 1/4

7- To calculate someone's daily caloric requirements, We use ...

a- BMR × individual activity level

b- BMR ÷ individual activity level

c- BMI × individual activity level

d- BMI ÷ individual activity level

8- represents the apex of the Food Pyramid.

a- Cereals

b- oils, fats and sweets 

c- fruits

d- meat & fish

9- Limit all of the following except…..

a- Sugars, Saturated Fat 

b- Sodium

c- Fruits & vegetables

d- Alcoholic drinks


1- c      
2- c     
3- b     
4- b      
5- b                
6- b      
7- a     
8- b     
9- c