L1, general function of digestive system, physiology

 L1, general function of digestive system, physiology 

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 1)...…... separates between stomach and duodenum. 

a) Lower esophageal sphincter

b- Pyloric sphincter 

c- Ileocecal valve

d- Internal anal sphincter 

2) GIT wall consists of 4 major layers.Mention them from outside to inside.

a- Mucosa - Submucosa - Inner circular layer - Outer longitudinal layer - Serosa

b- Serosa - Outer circular layer - Inner longitudinal layer - Submucosa - Mucosa

c- Serosa - Outer longitudinal layer - Inner circular layer - Submucosa - Mucosa

d- Mucosa - Submucosa - Inner longitudinal layer - Outer circular layer – Serosa

3) The most common type of movement by small intestine is ……..

a- Propulsive movement

b- Segmenting movement

4) Which tissue layer provides for primary digestive motility?

a- Mucosa

 b- Submucosa

c- Muscularis

 d- Serosa

5) The function of GIT can be summarized by the following mechanism(s).

a- Absorption

b- Motility

c- Digestion

d- Secretion

e- All of above

6) Patient complains of a burning sensation in the chest. This was found to be caused by gastric juice in the esophagus.The structure most likely not functioning properly is the ………

a- pharynx

b- pyloric sphincter

c- epiglottis

d- cardiac sphincter

 7) Food that leaves the stomach is in the form of a thick liquid. This liquid is called……..


 b- stool

c- bile

d- chyme

8) The parts of small intestine from inferior to superior are ………

a- duodenum - ileum - jejunum

b- duodenum - jejunum - ileum

c- ileum - jejunum - duodenum

d- ileum - duodenum – jejunum

9) What is the name of the muscular sphincter that keeps stomach content from regurgitating into esophagus?

a- Upper esophageal sphincter

b- Lower esophageal sphincter

c- Ileocecal sphincter

d- Pyloric sphincter

10) What is the name of muscular ring that separate small intestine from large intestine?

a- Pyloric sphincter

b- Cardiac sphincter

c- Upper esophageal sphincter

d- Ileocecal valve / sphincter

11) Regarding the secretion of GIT.

a- They are reabsorbed at the end of digestion process.

b- They have a total volume of about 3 L/day.

c- They are formed only by the stomach and the pancreas.

d- They are completely excreted at the end of digestion.

e- they have no role in digestion of food.



 2- c

3- b

4- c

5- e

6- d

7- d

8- c

9- b

10- d

11- a

True and False

1- Inner circular layer contraction leads to shorten the gut.

2- The digestive juices are secreted by endocrine glands.

3- Mixing movement occurs in all parts of GIT.

4- Lipids enter the lymphatics and finally emptied into blood stream via Portal vein.

5- The large intestine has very large surface area (about 200 m2 ). So it is the main site for absorption.

6- Functions of digestive system are controlled by nervous and hormonal mechanisms.