L1, general management of poisoned patient, toxicology

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1)The most important priority in the management of an overdosed

patient is:

a) The clinical condition of the patient

b) The specific ingredient of the toxin ingested

c) Sex of the patient

D) the route of toxin administration

2) Patient came to the emergency room with altered mental status, seizures, the initial

treatment of this case is

a- Gastric lavage

b- Activated charcoal

c- emergency stabilization and maintenance of air way

d- specific antidote

3-Naloxone is given to toxic patient who has an altered mental status with respiratory

compromise to:

a- diagnose opiate overdose.

b- exclude opiate overdose.

c- reverse any coma with cardio- pulmonary depression.

d- a+b 

e- a+b+c

4-) The drug of choice in convulsions secondary to toxins is:

a- diazepam.

b- phynetion.

c- phenobarbital.

d- mephenesin.

5)All of the following are essential of treatment of unknown coma except:

a) thiamine

B) Dextrose

c) Atropine

d) naloxon



2- C

3- E

4- A