L1, H.pylori , Microbiology

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1- H pylori has:

a- multiple Bibolar sheathed flagella

b- multiple Bibolar unsheathed flagella

c- single unsheathed flagella

d- single sheathed flagella

2- All of the following are clinical finding except:  

a- Gastritis

b- bleeding in git

c- peptic ulcer

d- Bacteremia

3- virulence factors include:  

a- uruase

b- ammonia

c- vacculating cytotoxin

d- all of the above

4- Growth of H pylori needs:

a- 42°c

b- 37°c

c- 25°

5- Best way in children diagnosis is:  

a- pcr

b- Elisa

c-  blood culture

6- Selective media for H pylori is:

a-  skirro's media

b- chocolate agar

c- both of them

7- H pylori is uruase (- ve)     (   )

8- There is vaccine for H pylori  (   )

9- Treatment of H pylori should be antibiotics only.     (      )  


1- a

2- d

3- d

4- b

5- b

6- a

7- ×

8- ×

9- ×