L1, peptic ulcer, Pharmacology

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(1)Non drug ttt of peptic ulcer include which of the following:

A- avoid alcohol, caffeine

b-avoid smoking

c- light frequant meals

d-all of the above

(2) All of the following are considered anti-secretory drugs, except:-

A- PGs antagonists

 b- PPi

c-H2 receptor blockers.


(3)which of the following can be used in ttt of Peptic ulcer:

A- PGs antagonists

 b- NSAIDs

c- sacralfate.


(4)which one of H2 receptor blockers cause irreversible effect

A- Nizatidine




(5)which one of H2 receptor blockers undergoes little first pass metabolism:-

A- Nizatidine




(6) which one of the following is incorrect concerning cemitidine:-

A- microsomal enzyme inducer

b- cause gynecomastia and impotence in male

c- H2 receptor blocker

d- prevent esophageal reflux

(7) All of the following are S.E of H2 receptor blockers except

a- galactorrhea in female with Famotidine

b- git upset

c- agitation, hallucinations

d- increase effect of warrfarin

(8) The most potent anti-secretory category of drugs are:-

A-H2 receptor blockers.

B- H/K Atpase inhibitors

c- antacids.


(9) All of the following are true concerning PPi except

A- can lead to anemia and osteoporosis

B- active dugs better absorbed in intestine

C- inhibit about 90-98 percent of daily acid sec.

D- esmoprazole can be administered I. V for rapid effect

(10) all of the following is incorrect concerning pirenzipine except:-

A- it is non selective anti cholinergic drug

B- highly penetrate BBB

C- more potent than Telenzepine

D- safe in patients with prostatic enlargement

(11)All of the following are chemical antacids except

A-Sodium bicarbonate.


C- gastric mucin

 D-calcium bicarbonate

(12) which one of the following ia considered S.E of NaHCO3

A-salt and water retention.                 

  B- acidity rebound

C-perforation of gastric ulcer.            

   D-all of the above

(13)All of the following are true concerning Mg oxide except

A- doesn’t release CO2 in stomach but in intestine  

B- cause systemic alkalosis.            

    C- non systemic chemical

D- has long duration of action

(14) All of the following act as chemical and physical antacids except:-

A-magnesium trisilicate.

B-Almoium hydroxide

C- gastric mucin.

 D- none of the above

(15)Sacralfate has which S.E of the following

A- constipation

  C- headache


 D- Git upset

(16) For eradication of H. Pylori (first line) we can use



C- Amoxicillin

D- comine all of them

(17)Which one of mg salts release CO2 in stomach

A-Mg carbonate.

 B- Mg oxide

C-Mg hydroxide.

D- Mg trisilicate

(18)All of the following are non systemic non absorbable antacids, except

A-calcium carbonate

B-mg oxide


 D-sodium bicarbonate



2»» A.                                        

3»» C

4»» D

5»» A

6»» A

7»» A

8»» B

9»» B

10»» C

11»» C

12»» D

13»» B

14»» C

15»» A.                  

16»» D

17»» A

18»» D

True or False:-

(1)H2 receptor blockers have more inhibitory effect on nocturnal than meal stimulated acid Secretion  

(2)H2 receptor blockers only cleared by liver

(3) Nizatidine undergoes highly first pass metabolism

(4) PPi can lead to hyperplasia and tumor of Enterochromaffin cells

(5)  omeprazole may inhibit warrfarin metabolism

(6) mg oxide also called milk of magnesia

(7) ca based antacids may cause rebound acidity

(8)sacralfate us contraindicated for long periods in renal in sufficients

(9) for eradication of H. pylori you must only use antimicrobial without any other drugs

(10)prostaglandine analouges safe in pregnancy


1»» True

2»» False

3»» False

4»» True

5»» True

6»» False

7»» True

8»» True

9»» False

10»» False