L2, Diseases of esophagus, Pathology.

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:1Oesophageal Varices result from
B)Congenital malformation
C)Mucosal atrophy
D)Portal hypertension
E)Diverticula of the oesophagus

:2The oesophageal varices may be fatal due to
A)Malignant transformation
B)Fistula formation
C)Sever haemoptysis
D)Sever haematemesis
E)Non of the above

: 3The commonest type of oesophagitis is
A)Fungal oesophagitis
B)Viral oesophagitis
C)Bacterial oesophagitis
D)Reflux oesophagitis
E)Chemical oesophagitis

:4Barrett's esophagus is a
A)Metaplasia lesion
B)Neoplastic lesion
C)Hyperplastic lesion
D)Dysplastic lesion
E)Non of the above

:5The diagnose Barrett's esophagus, the biopsy should be taken
A)10cm from the incisors
 B)7cm from the incisors
C)10cm from the gastro-oesophageal junction
D)3cm from the gastro-oesophageal junction
E)Multiple sites of the oesophagus

:6Barrett's oesophagus may predispose to
A)Acid reflux
D)Squamous cell carcinoma
E)Oesophageal varices

:7The most important risk factor for adenocarcinoma of oesophagus is
A)Heavy smoking
B)Oesophageal varices
C)Reflux esophagitis
D)Barrett's oesophagus
E)Oesophageal diverticula

:8The most common site of oesophageal tumor is
A) Upper
C) Lower

:9Which of the following is congenital oesophageal obstruction
A) Achalasia
B) Dysphagia
C) Atresia

:10All of the following is cause of reflux oesophagitis except
A) Haitus hernia
B) Delayed gastric emptying
C)Upper oesophageal incompetence

:11All of the following is precancerous lesions except
A)Barrets' oesophagitis
B)Oesophageal web
D)Zenkers' diverticulum

:12All of the following is functional oesophageal obstruction except
A) Achalasia
B)Plumer vinson syndrome
C)Pulsion diverticulum
D) Barret's oesophagitis

:13The most common site of Barrett’s oesophagus is
A)Upper of the oesophagus
B) Middle of the oesophagus
C) Lower of the oesophagus

:14All of the following are complications of Reflux esophagitis except
A) Peptic ulcer
B) Barret's oesophagus
C) Precancerous
D) Oesophagous varices

: 15The most common site of adenocarcinoma is
A) Middle oesophagus
B)Lower oesophagus
C)Upper oesophagus

16Person comes to hospital complaining of weight loss and discomfort when eating, he complain of chronic heart burn, the most appropriate diagnosis is
A)Oesophageal Varices
B) Barret's oesophagus
C) Adenocarcinoma

:True or False
17most common malignant tumor of oesophagus is adenocarcinoma
                                                                                             (True, false)

18Achalasia is difficulty in swallowing. (True, false)

19Barret's oesophagus is a precancerous. (True, False)

20Achalasia is an original oesophageal obstruction. (True, false)


1. D 11 . D
2. D 12. D
3. D 13. C
4. A 14. D
5. D 15. B
6. C 16. C
7. D 17. False
8. B 18. False
9. C 19. True
10. C 20. False