L2, Functions of Salivary gland's secretions ,mastication of food and swallowing, Physiology

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:1The serous acini represents about 1/5 of the
A)submandibular glands
C)parotid glands
D)parotid glands

 1Na and Cl are reabsorbed from the duct in the process of salivary secretion under  the effect of 

:3Under resting conditions, Which choice is correct
A)rate of flow of the primary secretion in the duct is very rapid
B)Na + and Cl concentrations are more than in plasma
D)there is less time for ionic composition modification

4Which choice is in correct
A)saliva buffers help torelief heartburn
B)The alkalinity preserves the calcium in teeth
C)amylose enzyme starts digestion of starch into disaccharides
D)saliva stimulate the taste buds facilitating the food sensation

5Mastication center is present in
A) pons
B) medulla
C) cerebral cortex

:6The swallowing center is in the
A) medulla
B) pons
C) brain stem

:7Which phase in the swallowing is voluntary 
 A)Buccal phase
B)Pharyngeal phase
C)Esophagel phase

8Peristaltic movements occur in the wall of the esophagus pushing the bolus of the :food from the upper end into the stomach
A)Buccal phase
B)Pharyngeal phase
C)Esophagel phase

:9The reseptor of the swallowing reflex present at
A)tonsillar pillars
B) hard palate
C) soft palate
D) upper osephgeal sphincter

:10All of the following are cranial efferents in the swallowing reflex except
A) 5th
B) 7th
C) 9th

:11Salivary section
a) has the largest volume compared with other digestive juices 
b) starts digestion of star
c)pH is acidic
d) is hypertonic to the plasma

:12Which of the following is correct 
A)salivary secretion is under hormonal control
b) both parasymparthetic and sympathetic nerves on salivary have complementary functions secretion
 C) salivery secretion increases during sleep fear & dehydration
d) bradykinin decreases the blood flow to salivary glands

:13In the salivary secretion 
 a) Sallvary Na is higher than plasme
b) Salivary K is higher than plasma K
C) Salivary HCO3 is lower than plasma HCO3
d) Salivary chloride is higher than plasma chloride

:14About the salivary secret
 a)About 500 ml daily
  B)Affected by aldosterone hormone
 C) It contains an enzyme that digests starch
 D) b & c are correct

:15The salivary secretion
a) Is a passive process
B) is under hormonal control
 C)Is increased by parasympathomimetics
. d)Is increased during stress

:16The salivary secretion 
A)Is stimulated by most GIT hormones specially gastrin
B)Is essential for complete digestion of starch
 C ) Increases more by sweet than by bitter substances
 D)Markedly increases by parasymp . stimulation
E)Contains a lower concentration of K and HCO , than those in the plasma

: 17The process of swallowing ( deglutition ) 
 A)Consists of 5 phases all of which are involuntary
B)Can easily occur while the mouth is open
 C)is controlled by a centre in the medulla oblongata that initiates a peristaltic in the pharyngeal musculatur 
 D)In the buccal phase the tongue moves downwards and the larynx is depressed
E)Is associated with closure of the upper and lower esophageal sphincters
:18The pharyngeal phase of swallowing 
A)Can be voluntarily inhibited
 B)Involves closure of the larynx by the vocal cords
C)Is associated with lowering of the soft palate
D)Is accompanied by deep inspiration
 E)Is initiated by conditioned reflexes


1. C
2. B
3. C
4. C
5. A
6. A
7. A
8. C
9. A
10. B
11. A
12. B
13. B
14. B
15. D
16. C