L1, Salivary gland and tumors, Pathology

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1. Warthin tumor means:

a. Pleomorphic adenoma.

b. Lymphomatosum cystadenoma.

c. Oxiphil tumor.

2. Mumps is characterized by all of the following except:

a. Cause in children.

b. Caused by bacteria.

c. Occurs by droplets infection.

d. Enlarged parotid gland.

3. Common form of sialadenitis is Autoimmune:

a. Mumps.

b. Bacterial infections.

c. Trumatic.

4. Sialolithiasis is stone in Salivary dust mostly:

a. Parotid.

b. Sublingual.

c. Submandibular gland.

5. The following tumor is usually malignant:

a. Warthin's tumor.

b. Oncyocytoma.

c. Acinic cell tumor.

6. Warthin's tumor consists of:

a. Sheets of epithelial cells.

b. Mesenchymal elements.

c. Papillac covering lymphoid tissue.

d. Mixed epithelial and Mesenchymal tissue.

7. Mixed salivary tumor consists of all EXCEPT:

a. Epithelial cells.

b. Myoepithelial cells.

c. Cartilage.

d. Muscle.

e. Myxomatous connective tissue.

8. Mixed salivary tumor is a:

a. Benign epithelial tumor.

b. Benign mesenchymal tumor.

c. Benign epithelial and Mesenchymal tumor.

d. Malignant tumor.

9. Warthin's tumor means:

a. Pleomorphic oedema.

b. Oncocytoma.

c. Papillary cystadenoma lymphatosum.

d. Mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

e. Acinic cell carcinoma.

True or false: 

1. Sialadenitis is stone in the ducts of salivary gland. (      )

2. Sialolithiasis is salivary gland inflammation. (      )

3. Xerostomia is a complication of bacterial inflammation of salivary gland. (      )

4. Paramyxovirus is the cause of mumps. (      )

5. Pleomorphic adenoma is a malignant tumor and can recurrence. (      )

6. pleomorphic adenoma causes fascial paralysis. (      )

7. Sjogren's syndrome is an immunological destruction of salivary gland. (      )

8. Warthin tumor is more common in male and show malignant change. (      )

Answers :

1. B                                       1. False

2. B                                       2. False

3. A                                       3. False

4. C                                       4. True

5. C                                       5. False

6. C                                       6. False

7. D                                       7. True

8. C                                       8. False

9. C