L3,Secretary function of the Stomach,Physiology

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1- Intrinsic factor is secreted by

a- cheif cells

b- Oxyntic cells

c- ECL cells

2- H+ is secreted into the lumen by

a- passive

b- primary active

c- secondary active

3- H2CO3 is formed by the combination of H2O +CO2 under the effect of

a- carbonic decarboxylase

b- carbonic carboxylase

c- carbonic anhydrase

4- Somatostatin acts directly by decreasing

a- C AMP

b- Gastrin

c- Histamine

d- all of the above

5-The function of the stomach includes

a- digestion of carbohydrates

b- fat absorption

c- digestion of collagen

d- all of the above

6- pepsin..........

a-is secreted by parital cells of oxyntic glands as pepsinogen

b- Its secretion is stimulated by Acetyl choline

c- is highly active at PH above 5

d- all of the above

7- Gastric mucosal barrier depends on

a- the thikness of gastric mucosa

b- type of gastric eputheluim

c- the characters of gastric mucus secretion

d- all of the above

8- the treatment of peptic ulcer includes

a- anntibiotics


c- H2 blocker

d- all of the above

9- In the intestinal phase of gastric secretion

a- Gastric secretion decreases

b- pancreatic enzymes are secreted into the small intestine

c- vagus nerve is responsible for this phase

d- none oh the above

10- about the cephalic phase of gastric secretion all is true except: 

a- It occurs before food enters the stomach

b- It involves some release of gastrin

c- it is inhibited by bilateral vagotomy

d- it begins only when food is tasted and accounts for most of gastric secretion

11- HCL secretion includes all the following process except

a- Active transport of H+ into the gastric lumen

b- H+ is exchanged for K+ from the extracellular fluid

c- HCO3- is diffuse into the extracellular fluid in exchange for Cl-

d- It is associated with production of post prandial alkaline tide

12- The gastric mucosal barrier is maintained by all the following except

a- The nature of the surface membrane of the gastric mucosal cells

b- prostaglandins and alkaline mucus secretion of the stomach  

c- Administration of H2 blocker drugs(cimatidine)

d- Excessive amount of bile salts ,aspirin or ethanol

13- the gastric juice has all the following characters except

a- It contains alkaline secretion fom surface epitheluim

b- It is PH is always less than 3

c- it has antibacterial action by mucus content

d- Its volume 2.5L/d

14- Gastric HCL secretion

a- occurs secondary to active transport of H+

b- requires presence of carbonic anhydrase enzyme

c- is inhibited by secretin hormone and H2 blocker(cimatidine)

d- all of the above

15- under normal condition ,the gastric secretion is

a- Not affected by presence of food in stomach

b- stimulated by norepinephrin and inhibited by curare

c- increased by distention of the stomach

d-absent after the food has entered the dudenum

16- which of the following statement is true 

a- The gastric juice canot digest the gastric 
mucosa because the cell membrane contain pepsin inactivator

b- the stomach normally digest 30% of ingested food

c- the secretion of gastric juice is associated with increased H+ in the blood

d- the intrinsic factor is secreted by the parital cells

17- In the zolinger-Elison syndrome

a- gastrinoma usually in the stomach or the dudenum

b- low basel gastric secration

c- hypogastrinoma

d- Recurrent peptic ulcer

18- the secretion of GIT

a- are only important for digestion

b- are formed only in stomach and pancreas

c- result from passive process

d-result from active process that needs ATP as source of energy