L4, Motor function of the stomach, Physiology

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1. Allof the following stimulate gastric emptying Except: 
A) increase food volume
B) gastrin secretion 
C) decrease PH in duodenum 
D) less distention inside duodenum 

2. Cause of Emesis Gravidarum (vomiting in early pregnancy) is:
A) reflex vominting 
B) central vomiting
C) direct stimulation to vomiting center 
D) all of the above

3.regarding Pacemaker of stomach , which is NOT true:
A) responsible for mixing of food inside stomach
B) lies on the greater curvature 
C) start the prestalsis waves of stomach
D) produce peristaletic waves are directed towards cardiac sphincter 

4. Which of the following can occur after vomiting:
A) alkalosis 
B) acidosis 
C) overhydration 
D) hypernatremia 

5. Which of the following is True regarding receptive relaxation reflex
A) allow storage of food in stomach 
B) stimulated by gastric distention 
C) its affrent is vague 
D) all of the above 

6. Enterogastric reflex is stimulated by all of the following Except:
A) duodenal distention 
B) type of food in duodenum
C) duodenal acidity
D) duodenal osmolarity 

7. Which of the following occur during vominting:
A) relaxation of abdominal muscles
B) opening of glottis
C) complete relaxation of cardiac sphincter 
D) upward movement of diaphragm 

8. Easy passage of water and fluid from stomach during digestion is caused by: 
A) pylorus is partially opened 
B) pylorus is completely open
C) pylorus is closed
D) all of the above

9. The function of stomach include
A) digestion of carbohydrates 
B) fat absorption 
C) digestion of collagen
D) all of the above 

10. The gastric emptying 
A) depends on strong wave of peristalsis begins in fundus and passes downwards
B) decreased by increase if acid in duodenum 
C) unrelated to the volume of food introduced in stomach
D) a and b are correct

11. The motility of stomach is
A) increased by vagal stimulation 
B) increased by presence of fat in duodenum 
C) increase by secertin hormone
D) increased by enterogastric reflex initiated by increased duodenal acidity 

12. Which if the following delay emptying if stomach
A) presence of fat in duodenum 
B) moderate distention of stomach 
C) the gastrocoli reflex
D) presence of alkaline chyme in stomach 

13. Gastric emptying is Not directly influenced by
A) the acidity of chyme reaching first portion of duodenum 
B) osmolarity of chyme in duodenum 
C) enterogastrons 
D) secertin 

14. You will feel discomfort when stomach is filled with volume of chyme more than
A) 50 ml
B) 0.5 L
C) 1 L
D) 1.5 L

15. While food entering the stomach ,all if thes occur Except
A) stimulation of mechanoreceptors in gastric wall
B) contraction of gastric wall
C) reflex relaxation 
D) stimulation of vagus

16. Part of CNS controlling vomiting process 
A) vomiting center 
C) pons
D) a &b 

17. Absorption in stomach can occur for
A) water
B) alchohol
C) aspirin 
D) all of the above 

18. The main function of stomach is
A) absorption of food
B) digestion of food
C) remove toxic substances from food
C) all

19. Mechanical stimulation of posterior tongue will induce
A) reflex vomiting 
B) central vomiting 
C) both 
D) non of the above 

20. After eating a fatty meal which will occur
A) gastric emptying will increase
B) release of enterogastrons
C) rapid digestion process
D) all of the above 

1. C
2. B
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. B
7. C
8. A
9. C
10. B
11. A
12. A
13. C
14. D
15. B
16. D
17. D
18. B
19. A
20. B